Don’t Rent a Stroller at Disneyland

Before we left for our trip to Disneyland a few months ago my friend told me “Don’t rent a stroller, buy or borrow a jogging one if you don’t already have one“.

I thought she was nuts, why would my 3 1/2 year old need a stroller anyway? Then we got to Disneyland and realized that I should have listened to my friend and brought a stroller.

My 3 1/2 year-old Abby is normally a very outgoing gal and very active.  However once we got to Disneyland she was a mess and I think she was just overwhelmed by EVERYTHING and wanted to be carried. 

She’s way to heavy to carry around so we broke down and rented a stroller. At first she was happy that she didn’t have to walk.Disneyland Stroller Rental

Then later in the day she said that she didn’t like the stroller, it hurt her body and she was hot.

Looking back at the pictures she actually looks like she is too big for the stroller and I can see how she may have not been comfortable.

Not having that snack tray in front of her left her no place to put her arms, I think she felt awkward in it too.


So you are thinking about renting a stroller from Disneyland? The good news is you don’t need to carry your kid around the park BUT here is the really bad news, the strollers are difficult to fold up and they are uncomfortable. They also don’t come with a snack tray so there is no place for your kiddo to put their drink, snack or rest their arms. The whole thing looks pretty basic to me.

Since you’ve rented it from Disneyland guess where it needs to stay? That’s right IN the Disneyland Resort (behind the Security Point).

The last point makes sense but imagine the feeling when you get to the last possible point you can take the stroller and you have to leave the stroller and carry your tired toddler to the Disneyland Hotel through the crowds in Downtown Disney. Not only is your toddler exhausted but so are you.

I’ve done it before and it’s NOT pretty.

*You can park hop with the stroller from Disneyland to Disney California Adventure; you just can’t leave past the security checkpoint with the stroller.


I suggest a few things:

#1 – Bring your own stroller, even if it is just an umbrella stroller, this will at least come in handy when you need it and it is easy to carry once folded up.  Remember that little ones can’t walk as much as we can and need to rest their tiny feet so don’t be surprised when your kiddos poop out early in the day.  That is why it is a good idea to bring a stroller with you.

#2 – Buy one from Target, it is very close to Disneyland.  We actually didn’t have a stroller back home any longer so we decided to pick up a Jogging Stroller.  The stroller rental is $15.00 per day.

#3 – Rent one from City Stroller Rentals. Your stroller will be delivered the morning of your arrival at the bell services or the concierge area of your hotel. Check out their Facebook page here for pictures of the strollers in action –  You can also order add-ons like a case of water with your stroller delivery.

Abby was SO much happier in the new stroller because it was a lot more comfortable, it had a snack tray for her, drink holders for us and it was also easier to ‘drive’.  Lastly, it also folded up very easily.  Needless to say we were all happy and have used it a few times since we’ve been home.