Whose World Will You Change With Unexpected Joy? #UnexpectedJoy

I recently experienced a death in my family when my Dad passed away after battling brain cancer. Once his diagnosis was made it was a month until his passing. During this time there were medical expenses that needed to be taken care of and after his death funeral expenses.


Thankfully my Dad had health insurance that paid for most of his medical needs. He also had the forethought to pay for and make his funeral arrangements 10 years ago.
While going through a life ending crisis with a family member you shouldn’t have to worry about expenses; but unfortunately the reality is that medical expenses are never cheap and not everyone is prepared for these expenses.
After my father passed I experienced unexpected joy from the outpouring of love and support from my friends and many of my Facebook friends as well.
One group of Facebook friends even made a donation in my Dad’s name to a charity for Children in Florida called Give Kids the World. I had no idea that I could experience a mix of emotions from sadness to joy in the same moment when I read the email about the donation.

How Can You Help a Loved One in Need?

Since many people are not financially prepared for what life throws their way they feel helpless when a medical emergency occurs. As someone watching a friend go through a crisis sometimes you don’t know how you can help other than give them a hug and help them at home.
GiveForward is a fundraising service that can help a loved one in need of financial assistance for medical treatments, rehabilitation services or anything they will need to fight a disease or on the road to recovery.


GiveForward assigns a personal Fundraising Coach to each and every fundraiser, to provide you with guidance and support so when you start a fundraiser you are not alone.

GiveForward Success Stories

After the Boston Marathon bombings I was touched to learn about a young couple Patrick Downes and Jess Kensky who were both injured with severe leg injuries.

Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes

Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes prior to the Boston Marathon Bombings

Jess and I attending the same High School in Northern California, but not at the same time. Regardless, I felt the need to give her support but I didn’t know how I could make a difference.
A friend of mine posted a message on Facebook with a link to Patrick and Jess’ fundraising page on GiveForward. I also saw a flyer at Starbucks near the High School with information about how to donate.
I knew right away I could support her by making a donation to their fundraiser. They raised $882,548 to help them with the lifetime costs of their injuries.
Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes

Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes on the road to recovery after the Boston Marathon Bombings

Throughout the fundraiser I received email updates through GiveForward on Patrick and Jess’ recovery process. First the updates were from their friends and family but once Patrick and Jess were on the road to recovery the updates came directly from them.

Unexpected Joy

I’m curious, have you ever experienced unexpected joy during a time of crisis? If so, what happened and how did you handle your mix of emotions?
Do you have a loved one in need that is in need of financial assistance?
Consider joining GiveForward and start a fundraising program for them and help them experience unexpected joy. Click here to learn more about the GiveForward Ambassador program.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this blog post, however the views are 100% my own.

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