Where to go at Disneyland When It’s Crowded

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I know we’ve all been there at one time or another, it’s a crowded day at Disneyland and what do you do, where do you go? One of my favorite things to do when the park is crowded is find some shade and eat a corn dog and take a break.  First, have you had a corn dog from the Little Red Wagon before?  If not, it is a MUST DO while at Disneyland.  The line is always long, but it goes quick and it only costs $6 and some change for a corn dog, chips and a drink.  If you are an Annual Pass holder you will also get a discount on your meal here.


Little Red Wagon Corn Dogs at Disneyland ResortThe Little Red Wagon is located in an alley on the right side of Main Street U.S.A. just before the Plaza Inn.  After you’ve gotten your yummy corn dog head around the back of Little Red Wagon and you will find a few round tables with umbrellas, some park benches and most importantly shade. The tables are big so you can share the table with another family.

Eating at the Little Red Wagon at Disneyland Resort

The Little Red Wagon is parked facing the Baby Care Center and it may seem to people that there is not much behind the wagon so they don’t venture down the alley.    Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Cart at Disneyland Resort

In this area you will also find the First Aid, Baby Care Center and and a cast member entrance.  We have taken a break in this area many times and seen Princess Jasmin, Aladdin, Mary Poppins and Bert come and go from this entrance.  They have even stopped and taken photos and given autographs.  There was no line to get a picture either and that was pretty awesome.

Mary Poppins and Bert

The reason why I like this area as an escape from the crowd is because you feel removed from the chaos of the day but you can still hear the sounds of the park.  One other reason I like this spot is because at night you can have a pretty decent view of the fireworks.  It’s not the best view, but after a long day at the park I just wanted to have a snack, put my feet up and watch the fireworks.

Fireworks Near Plaza Inn Fireworks Near Plaza Inn

What is your favorite spot to go to in Disneyland Resort when it is crowded?

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  1. Great tip. I love having our own little hideaways. Prior to the meet and greets with Disney ours was the Towne Square Theatre at the Magic Kingdom.

  2. Great info! We discovered this spot on our trip when we made a trip to first aid. I love the photo with Bert and Mary!

  3. Oh my gosh, I adore that picture of your little girl with Mary and Bert! That is simply precious! I hope to make it out to Disneyland sometime, so I’ll keep these busy-time tips in mind.

  4. PixieBrenda says:

    This is great, and I wish I had read it long ago. In Feb, 2012 I went to Disneyland and found out that the crowds get uber busy on Friday nights and the weekends (different from Walt Disney World). I would have loved to have followed this path. Next time, I definitely will.

  5. Love the corn dogs! We also found this area to be light on crowds on our last trip. I guess people see the wagon as the end of the road. Awesome for us. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Deb @ Focused on the Magic says:

    Love the picture of Mary & Bert with your daughter! How sweet! I confess I’ve never had a corn dog! I’ll fix that if I ever get to DL by heading right to the Little Red Wagon.

  7. Love the pictures! I hope to one day head back to DL and I’ll remember this spot as we chow down on corn dogs! 🙂

  8. JenniferLissak says:

    That is a GREAT tip – I love that you can find random cast members coming and going that stop to say hi! Great find – can’t wait to go to DLR!

  9. Kristen Hoetzel-Go says:

    I’ve never stopped and had a corn dog there. I always go to Corn Dog Castle in DCA. I’ll have to on my next trip.

    When it’s crowded I always head into Innoventions. There is never anyone in there. I used to head to DCA but since Carsland, it’s busy too.

  10. jjzmgailey says:

    We never had a corn dog from this fun truck when we were at Disneyland! We used to go down the little street on the other side of Main Street for a cookie ice cream sandwich! 🙂 Love your pics!

  11. Someday I *will* make it to DL, and this resource will come in handy! Pinning it now for future reference!


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