What’s Next for ABC TV’s Resurrection? #ABCTVEVENT #Resurrection

Today I spoke with Executive Producers Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters and writer Aaron Zelman about the Resurrection finale and what’s next for the show.

Even though the show started to air mid-season they said they are doing well in the ratings.  They informed us that they are winning their time slot every week and are among the 20 top shows in ratings.  They are confident that there will be a second season for their hit show but won’t find out until May 12th.  There were only eight episodes created for the first season.  During the press conference I asked if there will be more episodes in the second season and Mr. Zelman said that at a minimum there will be 13.  I responded by saying it was a spooky number for a spooky show. 😉

They were also asked if they take into consideration the feedback from fans on Social Media.  The show has been completed since October so what they have already created can’t be changed.  However, they like to hear fans theories about the show, especially our theories on why Caleb disappeared.

One thing they did tell us about the finale is that Arcadia’s secret it too big to keep and now the town has to deal with the repercussions of their loved ones returning from the dead.

Did you know that the current season only takes place over  a few days, about a week and a half.  Everything in Arcadia may seem like it is spanned out over a few months but in reality these events have only take a few days to develop.

One thing that I really liked hearing was from Executive Producer Tara Butters.  She said that watching TV is a lot different than when we were younger and you can now interact with the show creators, writers and actors.

This provides the viewers a unique opportunity to gain some insight into the show and to provide feedback.  During last nights airing of “Schemes of the Devil” I was Tweeting with some of the cast and it was fun.


Photo Credit: ABC TV

Next week during the finale you can do it too – here are their Twitter handles:

What are your theories? Why do you think Caleb disappeared? What is up with Maggie’s mom?? Why did she reappear but not seek out her daughter? What other questions do you have about the show.  Do you think that some of the returnees have super powers? I think that something is up with Jacob and OMG Rachel, she came back AGAIN.

Learn more about Resurrection here and watch it LIVE on Sunday at 9|8 Central. If you need to get caught up and ready for the season finale you can watch the previous episodes online on ABC.


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