What are Your Priorities?

Do you know what your priorities are? Do you live them everyday or do you let others bend the rules of your life and change your priorities to benefit themselves?

My number one priority has always been my family. Nothing will come before them, ever. But my second priority is my own happiness. That is what has been lacking. I feel like I’ve been in a place for the past few years where I haven’t been genuinely happy. The death of my father, almost two years ago has played a huge role in this lack of happiness.

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My birthday is fast approaching and this is always a time of reflection for me. Am I doing the right things in life to make me happy? Is my family happy? Am I on the right path to achieving my goals?

Recently I volunteered to paint a tree for my daughter’s class for their live auction project. I have a background in art, I even went to college for Illustration but never graduated. Sadly, art is not something that I practice on a daily basis.

When I painted this tree, I can’t even explain the feelings that woke up inside of me. With each stroke, I could see it in my mind before my hand made the tree limbs. It was a very weird feeling but this wasn’t the first time I had felt this way when doing art. While I was in art school I felt this way many times, being able to envision the strokes before they were complete.

Making this tree, made me think about my current life path and if I am really doing the right things to make me happy. As of late, I’ve been letting others priorities drive my day-to-day life and compromise my own happiness. I will not let this happy any longer and I am working on making some changes in my life so that I am in charge again.

What am I going to do?

First, I am going to start painting again and look for art classes at Sac State or Academy of Art College so I can get my Bachelor’s of Art degree – it’s a life long dream of mine that I put on hold for far too long. I feel like the timing is right and I need to remember to put myself first because if I am not happy, then I can’t be a happy mom, a supportive wife or a loving daughter.

Has this happened to you before? Have you let others become the driver of your life? If so, what did you do? Did you make changes or are you still letting others take control?

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Dawn is a social influencer and has been writing about her nerdy side since 2004. She enjoys writing about Entertainment, Travel, Disney, Star Wars and life with two little girls. Her advice is to keep on dreaming, do what you love and life will lead you a path to your happiness. Dawn also writes for 5 Minutes for Mom.


  1. LAURA CHRISCO says:

    I love that you are going back to your Art roots. I have always admired your artistic abilities.

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