3 Tips for Getting Your Sh*t Together in 2015

It happens to me every single year as the calendar nears December 31st.  I have all of these grand ideas for the new year and I never stick to them.  I do have good intentions but something always happens and I can never stick to the plan.

Here are some easy ideas that you (and me…hopefully) can stick to in 2015 to make our lives better.

1. Start an easy to follow savings plan

Putting away just a few dollars each week can really add up after a year in your savings account.  This is one that I have tried many times and I’ve almost made it 4 months on this plan.

Money GraphicThis year will be different because of two things:

#1 I am going to print out my savings plan and tack it up on the wall.  If I can see my end goal and how much money I will save up in 52 weeks then I am more likely to stick with it.

#2 I am going to set up automatic transfers in my online banking to complete the transfer for me.  Hopefully by week 6 I will totally forget about the transfer and the money will be moved to my savings account without me thinking about it.

Here’s how to do it.

Decide on the final amount of money you want to save and divide it by 52. You can also set your own budget of a specific amount you can put away each week.  If I decide to put $25 per week in my savings account for 52 weeks I will have $1300 in one year.

Another fun way to really stick to this plan is to do the “Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge” by my friend Leanette Fernandez of TeachMe2Save.com. With this plan you start with the largest amount of money to put away during the start of the challenge and by week 52 you only have to add $1 to your savings account to reach your goal.

2. Go to the Gym regularly

For me this is one that I really need to stick to and I start off well every January but then life gets in the way.  Think of things that will help you stick to your workout goals such as small ways to reward yourself for going besides a healthy lifestyle.

Rewards could be a new song to download from iTunes for your workout, a new tube of lipstick, a new workout shirt or if you go for 3 months a new pair of shoes.

Think about creating a reward chart like you would for your kiddos.  This one is really up to you to fill the reward chart with things that will motivate you.

Here’s how to do it.

Grab a sheet of paper and start writing down rewards that motivate you and things that you want to buy this year.  Create a realistic rewards system, one that you can really stick to.  Here is what I have put together so far.

 3 workouts in one week = new lipstick
6 workouts in two weeks = a fashion magazine
9 workouts in three weeks = new workout shirt
12 workouts in four weeks = 4 iTunes songs and new workout headphones
2 months of working out 3 x’s per week = new workout clothes
3 months of working out 3 x’s per week = new shoes
4 months of working out 3 x’s per week = $50 to spend at the Disney Store
5 months of working out 3 x’s per week = a trip to the Benefit counter at Macy’s
6 months of working out 3 x’s per week = $100 to spend at Kohl’s for new clothes 😉

3. Create a Family Meal Plan

This is another one that I fail at every year but I always try to pick up the pieces and start again and fail. I have wondered why I can’t stick to this one and I think it is because I am trying to follow a plan that is made for someone else, not my own.

My husband found this fantastic guide on My Fitness Pal called “A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning.” This guide is perfect because it helps you make a meal plan from scratch, which I think is the best because it is tailored to your families needs.  There are also links to websites with recipe ideas.

Here’s how to do it.

Visit A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning on the My Fitness Pal blog and read through the tips and visit the resources. However, if you want a plan that is fully laid out for you then I suggest doing a Google Search with the term “Meal Planning.”

I hope these 3 tips can help you (and me) have a successful 2015 and beyond!

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