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Samsung - MasterYourHome

I went to BlogHer’14 in San Jose, CA and had the pleasure of dropping by the Samsung Home booth.  I was loving the idea of looking at all their new home appliances in one place AND without the kiddos around to distract me from the loveliness of these appliances.

My first impression was WOW my refrigerator is dumb and so does is washer and dryer.  While we are at it so is my oven and microwave. The advancements that Samsung has done with home appliances are amazing.
After you read this blog post you may feel that your appliances are dumb too.

Let’s start our tour with the Samsung Refrigerators.

This Four-Door Refrigerator with Convertible Zone is my dream refrigerator.  I walked into the booth and made a beeline for this fantastic looking fridge. I had seen a french door fridge before but not one with four doors like this.

It has a flexible, bottom right door that can be a fridge or freezer, which maximizes your food space. The convertible fridge to freezer compartment has four temperature settings. All of the doors on the bottom area feature pull out drawers.
Samsung Chef Collection 4-Door Fridge

The controls for the zones are located on the top of door on the bottom unit and are easy to use.

Samsung Chef Collection 4 Door Fridge - Temp Control

Once I opened the fridge I was amazed at how roomy it was.

The 32 cu. ft. Samsung T9000 Four-Door Refrigerator is the next evolution in refrigerator innovation. It has the most fresh food storage in its class with at 25.6 cu. ft. when the convertible zone is used as a refrigerator.
Samsung Chef Collection Fridge


It features a stainless steel body and trim, recessed handles with a brushed stainless look, chrome accents and symmetric design, this new refrigerator is clean and modern. I would like to move into it now, so pretty.

Samsung Chef Collection Fridge 4 Door with Dawn Cullo

There was a recording booth at the Samsung booth and they wanted to you answer the following question: “What would you do with the new T9000 fridge?”.

Apparently I was still obsessed with living inside the fridge when I answered the question. What I really meant to say was that I would have a Super Bowl party if I had this fridge.  It is so big and can hold all the food and drinks for the party. 😉

Next up was another impressive refrigerator, the Samsung French Door Food Showcase. I have seen something similar to it on commercials during football season and I was interested in the cool looking half-open door concept.

The Metal Cooling, a stainless steel paneling along the interior of the fridge, helps provide a consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator.


With just the front panel of the door open you can have access to condiments, juices or anything else you wish to put in the compartments.

Samsung French Door Food Showcase Fridge Door Open

I love that you can have the FlexZone Drawer stocked with food just for the kiddos.  It features an adjustable Smart Divider for smart organization and four temperature control settings, this counter-height drawer also allows easy access for kids.

Samsung French Door Food Showcase - Drawer Open

The Samsung Dishwasher is also innovative and features a new WaterWall™ cleaning system and uses maximum cleaning pressure that is 35% stronger than normal rotary systems.

Samsung Dishwasher with WaterWall - Front

With this new dishwasher, up to 15 place settings can be done in as little as 60 minutes, which is a reduced cycle time of up to 25 percent.

Samsung Dishwasher with WaterWall - Interior

The dishwasher also features a third rack with a FlextrayTM. It is perfect for oversized cooking utensils, serving spoons and measuring cups. Silverware lays flat for better cleaning and the tray is removable for easy loading and unloading.

Samsung Dishwasher with WaterWall - Removeable Tray

The Chef Collection Stove is a Slide-In Gas Range with True Convection and Gliding Rack and is again another smart home appliance because it is a high-end kitchen look without having to remodel. It is easily installed to replace a freestanding range for a built-in look.

This is the largest slide-in range in the industry A 5.8 cu. ft. extra-large oven allows you to cook multiple dishes at once. With three oven racks you can prepare everything you need for that large gathering and there is a split rack for taller dishes.

You can cook faster with the five burner cook top. It gives you flexibility to cook with different-sized pans simultaneously. The True Dual Power Burner features two independent heating elements with power ranging from 19,000 BTU to 1,000 BTU, allowing you to go from a rapid boil to a true simmer.

Samsung Chef Collection Oven with Flex Duo

After I finished drooling over the kitchen appliances I moved on to the impressive front load Washer and Dyer. There is a SuperSpeed feature that you add to several wash cycles that makes your load time 50 percent faster, meaning a full load of laundry is done in just 30 minutes.

The VRT® Plus Technology makes this the quietest washer in its class. It helps with vibration and noise reduction which not only keeps your load balanced but makes it perfect for upstairs laundry.

A Steam Washer helps remove stains with limited pre-treatment, while a Steam Dryer means less time ironing and fewer trips to the dry cleaner. The dryer also has a Vent Sensor™ that detects problems and notifies the user when it is time to clean the vent. What makes this an even smarter Washer and Dyer is  that you can perform a quick diagnosis of the pair because they feature Smart Care which allows you to troubleshoot with your smart phone.  My Washer and Dyer are so dumb.

Samsung Front Load Laundry Pair

Last but not least I saw the Baby Care Washer . It is Samsung’s first ever Baby Care Washer and is a 1.0 cu. ft. unit that carefully and effectively washes and sanitizes all of a baby’s delicate laundry.

It saves time, electricity and water by handling small loads of up to about 6 lbs.  With a compact and stylish Crystal Gloss design this unit can be drained into sinks or adapted to faucets, this is the perfect laundry machine for apartments and second floor bedrooms and nurseries.

The washer features nine cycles that can tackle the dirtiest loads of laundry. This includes a Super Sanitize cycle, which heats to 190°F to remove stubborn stains and bacteria

Samsung Baby Care Washer

To learn more about this impressive collection of new Samsung appliances visit Samsung.com

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this blog post and I paid for my own ticket to BlogHer’14 but all opinions are my own.

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  1. My first impression was WOW my refrigerator is dumb and so does is washer and dryer. While we are at it so is my oven and microwave. The advancements that Samsung has done with home appliances are amazing. http://www.ziptech.co.in/

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