Roaring Good Time at Monster’s University

My family LOVED the movie Monster’s University.  My youngest is almost 3 1/2 and she did really well during the movie, a few of the parts scared her just a tad but other than that she did well.  The most she was scared was for the Thor movie preview. I thought Monsters University was very clever.  The story telling was great and I really liked the fraternity & sorority aspect to it.  They have fun names like Roar Omega Roar and Python {Read More}

To Disney Infinity and Beyond

To say that I am excited about Disney’s new Disney Infinity game is an understatement.  I’ve had my eye on the development of Disney Infinity for some time now as it has always looked like a lot of fun.  The game will be released on August 18th. I see how my daughters play with their toys and mix them all up.  The princess figures ride on the My Little Pony Ferris Wheel and the Squinkies have fun hanging out in {Read More}

Subway Presents Monters University Themed Kids Meals

My girls LOVE to go to Subway and now Subway is teaming up with Pixar’s Monsters University for their Kids Meals.  How cool are these Monsters University Backpacks? I say they are very cool! Each kids meal comes with a Fit Mini Sub, Apple Slices and Low-Fat Milk. We are going to head to Subway tomorrow and I hope they still have some in stock.  I am sure these are to sell out so be sure to get them for {Read More}