Interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda, a Disney Nerd and Musical Genius – #MoanaEvent

The sun continued to shine in Santa Monica as we started our interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda. I didn’t care about the weather, I was in the ROOM where it was about to happen. The Tweet. Read on to find out more. Working with Disney The interview started with a great question about what it was like to be part of the Disney family now. Lin-Manuel’s response was perfect – “It’s pretty dope.” He was informed that he go the job working {Read More}

Go on an Adventure with Moana – #MoanaEvent

When my six-year daughter saw the first trailer for “Moana” she said “Moana means business, I like her.” Abby was right! Moana is a headstrong young woman who means business. When someone asks me if I liked the movie I start to tear up when talking about it. This movie moved me so much and the deluxe soundtrack is a great because I am able to listen to Lin-Manuel’s lyrics again and it makes Moana’s story even more beautiful. This {Read More}