What Scares You the Most about Identity Theft? – #LifeLockHealthyCredit

Did you know that September is national self-improvement month? I am trying to improve myself all the time; but life gets in the way sometimes and we forget to stay on track. There is so much going on between raising our kids, taking them to extra-curricular activities, school functions, family functions and helping out with homework. We have so much to focus these days on and keeping track of everything is hard. One aspect of my life that I am {Read More}

It’s Back to School Time for Kids, is their Identity Safe? #LifeLockUltimatePlus

It’s time for the wonderful tradition of when kids head back to school.  This time of the year can be exciting but also a hectic time of the year for not only parents but school offices as well.  Identity thieves are always on the lookout for opportunities to steal your identity and this time of the year can be a gold mine for them. Have you thought about possible identity theft during this time of the year? I never thought about {Read More}

Do You Worry About Identity Theft While Traveling? #LifeLockSafety

Are you making plans to take a trip with your family for summer vacation? Does traveling make you worry a bit more about the possibility of identity theft? When I travel I don’t normally carry a lot of cash with me and I don’t use Travelers’ Checks so my credit card seems to get a workout when I am traveling. I know that when I am away from home and using my credit card more often I tend to worry {Read More}

Credit Monitoring Alone Won’t Protect Your Identity – #LifeLocksafety

Have you rented an apartment or house lately? Did you apply for a new job?  Think about how many applications have you filled out over the last year that included your Social Security Number on them?   How many documents have your information on them right now and are floating around in various offices or sitting in a stack of papers on someone’s desk?   When my husband and I were looking for a rental property last year we must {Read More}

Identity Theft is a Real Issue That Can Happen to Your Child – #LifeLockProtect

Identity theft is a real issue that can happen not only to you but also to your child. Imagine taking your child into the bank to open an account in their name and the banker informs you there is already an account in use with their social security number? Worse yet, the account has been reported to ChecxSystems for suspicious account activity. Upon further investigation you find out that your child’s Social Security Number has been used to open many {Read More}