7 Spoiler Free Things You Need to Know About Star Wars: The Force Awakens – #StarWars #StarWarsTheForceAwakens

I am sure you’ve heard a lot about Star Wars: The Force Awakens already so let’s jump in to my list of 7 spoiler free things you need to know. 1. BB-8 is awesome. I am pretty sure that by the trailers you can figure that one out. But if you are thinking of getting any BB-8 merchandise, don’t wait because after Friday his merchandise is going to fly off the shelves. J.J. Abrams created BB-8 and he just might be {Read More}

Harrison Ford Talks About Stepping Back Into Han Solo’s Boots – #StarWarsEvent #StarWarsTheForceAwakens

He needs no introduction as he enters the room, we all know the legend walking towards the interview table.  My heart was pounding as I saw him enter the room. This is a man that I grew up watching in movies with my family at the drive in and many times on DVD’s. My parents are big fans of his work and so am I, he is an actor that transcends generations. The amount of awesomeness he gave us in {Read More}