Disney Christmas Coloring Pages

Get in the Christmas Holiday spirit with these fun Disney Coloring Pages. Click the image to open in a new window and save to your computer. Check out these fun Disney coloring books on Amazon. By clicking these links you will be using my affiliate code and I will receive a small kick back on your purchase which helps with running my blog.

Crafts, Coloring Sheets, Activity Packs and Printables

Star Wars Activity Pack Avery & Austin A monthly subscription box brimming with everything for the perfect playdate and something special just for mom. Check out my review here. Get $10 off your first Avery & Austin #PerfectPlaydate box.  Grab these super awesome FREE coloring sheets and activity packs for your kiddos.  Click the link or the photo to be taken to the activity pages The Good Dinosaur Coloring & Activity Sheets Additional Good Dinosaur Coloring Sheets, Dot-to-Dot, and Pumpkin Stencil . {Read More}

Donald Duck and the Disneyland Main Street Straw Hatters Band

You never know when that Disney magic is going to get you! We had just finished making a purchase of new Minnie Mouse ears from the Mad Hatter on Main Street, U.S.A. and we were watching the Main Street Straw Hatters Band. Lily was having a bit of a rough start to the day and so we were just hanging out. Then a cast member came up to Lily and asked “Can you help us with something?”. She was delighted {Read More}