2017 Walt Disney Pictures Slate

The 2017 Walt Disney Pictures Slate has released and I am excited to see all of these movies. I know it going to be a great year of entertainment from Disney with the retelling of beloved stories such as Beauty and the Beast, and sequels to favorite franchises such as Cars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Pirates of the Caribbean. The cherry ontop of all of this entertainment goodness is the release of Star Wars Episode VIII. There certainly is something for everyone this year {Read More}

8 Reasons to See Monkey Kingdom On Earth Day – #MonkeyKingdomEvent

Walt Disney created the original Disneynature films with his True-Life Adventure films. These films were released between 1948-1960 with titles such as Seal Island, The Vanishing Prairie, and the Living Desert. There were a total of 13 films released and 8 of them won Academy Awards. In 2008 Disney launched Disneynature to produce nature documentaries and Monkey Kingdom is their 8th film to be released. I previewed Monkey Kingdom and I really enjoyed it because the movie deals with a lot {Read More}

Epic Interview with Disneynature Ambassador, Dr. M Sanjayan – #MonkeyKingdomEvent

I had the pleasure of eating at Sanaa restaurant located inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge during our blogger group interview with Disneynature Ambassador Dr. M. Sanjayan. This beautiful location provided us with fantastic views of the animals roaming on the savanna at the Animal Kingdom Lodge during the interview and lunch. Dr. M. Sanjayan is executive vice president and senior scientist for Conservation International. The global conservation scientist, writer and Emmy®-nominated news contributor focuses on the connection between nature and human well-being. He {Read More}

Hanging Out with the Animals at the LA Zoo

I attended the screening of the new Disneynature movie BEARS at the Walt Disney Studios in the Frank G. Wells building.  As I walked through the hallways I was surrounded by Disney history – my kind of awesome. We then screened the movie BEARS with an introduction by Paul Baribault, Vice President of Marketing. BEARS is an epic story of breathtaking scale set against a majestic Alaskan backdrop, Disneynature’s 2014 big-screen adventure “Bears” follows a bear family as impressionable young {Read More}