Getting to know the Cast of Disney Channel’s “Stuck in the Middle” – #StuckInTheMiddle

While in Los Angeles for the Moana press junket our blogger group got the opportunity to swing by the Disney Channel building (a place I had never been to before) to chat with the cast of Disney Channel’s new hit show “Stuck in the Middle” and screen the new short series “Stuck in the Store.” About the Show The show follows 12-year-old Harley Diaz as she maneuvers her way through the bustle of being a middle child in a family {Read More}

Descendants Movie Review – #Descendants

The most anticipated Disney Channel movie event Descendants aired on July 31st.  We have seen months and months of promos for Descendants on the Disney Channel and my daughters and I were so excited when the calendar finally turned to July! The good news is that Descendants did not disappoint and it lived up to the hype.  Not only was the story fun but the fashion, music and dance numbers were great.  It’s one of those triple-treat movies that we have watched several times since it aired. {Read More}

Descendants Activity Sheets – #Descendants

Disney Channel’s smash hit Descendants is finally here and you can download these wicked activity sheets and party package for your kids! Just click on the image and they will download right to your computer! About Descendants From the Emmy Award-winning director and choreographer Kenny Ortega (“High School Musical” franchise) comes this original contemporary story of classic Disney characters reinvented and the introduction of modern Disney lore. Enter this new epic universe of relatable tween characters on a journey of {Read More}

Sabrina Carpenter is Disney’s Next Big Thing

I’ll be the first to admit that my girls (ages 4 & 8) are Disney Channel junkies and recently they had to say good bye to two of their favorite shows Goodluck Charlie and Shake it Up. Even I was a little teary eyed when Good Luck Charlie ended. My husband and I enjoyed watching the show with them but it is obvious when a show has runs its course. My family and I attended Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in {Read More}

Happy 85th Birthday Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Do you know when Mickey and Minnie Mouse celebrates their birthday? November 18, 1928 is not only my wedding anniversary but it is considered Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s birthday as they made their movie debut in Steamboat Willie. Steamboat Willie is released at the Colony Theatre in New York — this marks the release of the very first Mickey Mouse cartoon, and the first appearance by Minnie Mouse. To celebrate this special occasion the Disney Channel will debut the first-ever {Read More}

New Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Disney is in the process of releasing 19 new Mickey & Friends cartoons that are 3 1/2 minutes long.  The first one was released on June 28th and new ones are released each Friday.  These are fun 2-D slapstick type of comedies and are a lot of fun to watch.  My girls really like them too.  I really enjoy the style that the characters are drawn in because their bodies are really loose this helps them to get into and {Read More}

Teen Beach Movie Premiers on Disney Channel July 19th

If your kids have been watching Disney Channel over the past few months then you have probably already heard about the new Disney Channel Original Movie “Teen Beach Movie”.  My household watches the Disney Channel often and since the season premiere in March of Good Luck Charlie we have heard the commercials for “Teen Beach Movie”.  The first time my girls saw the promo for the movie they were really excited.  The movie premiers on Disney Channel Friday, July 19 {Read More}