Accidents Can Happen Anywhere – #SummerSafety

Do you hold your breath every time your kid is playing at the park or starts a soccer game. As a mom of two little girls I always worry that they will get injured while playing at the park or during sports. Kids love to run and play, who can really blame them because being a kid is awesome. My one dare-devil child is always falling down and getting hurt, she just loves to play and sometimes doesn’t pay attention {Read More}

Aflac to Donate $2 to the Aflac Cancer Center for Every #Duckprints Tweet

Now through Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 11), Aflac will donate $2 to the Aflac Cancer Center for every tweet/retweet, or post/share on Twitter or Facebook using the #Duckprints hashtag Aflac Duckprints is committed in its mission to eradicate childhood cancer. Thanks to donations made to the research and treatment of this disease, 75 percent of childhood cancers can now be cured. The ultimate mission of Duckprints is to eradicate childhood cancer. Cancer Survivor and Mom, Trisha Henry Gaffney On Valentine’s {Read More}