Bring Home Some “Strange Magic” on May 19th – #StrangeMagic

The fun-tastical fairy musical “Strange Magic” is coming to DVD on Tuesday, May 19th. I saw this movie in the theater at Skywalker Ranch and it was amazing. The music is a lot of fun and the movie is beautiful. Even though it may look like a girl-centric movie, boys and girls will enjoy it.

Strange Magic DVD Cover

Fall in Love with Strange Magic

Strange Magic is perfect for the whole family because there is music, adventure, a love story and did I mention music? Yes, there a good amount of music in the film but it helps move the story along.

The music selections in the film are a good mix of love songs and they made me want to get up and dance. I don’t want to spoil it for you and tell you the songs that are included but they span six decades and are a variety of musical styles.

Strange Magic Fairies - #StrangeMagic

Strange Magic stars Evan Rachel Wood (Marianne), Kristin Chenoweth (Sugar Plum Fairy), Alan Cumming (Bog King), Maya Rudolph (Griselda), Sam Palladio (Roland),Alfred Molina (Fairy King), Meredith Ann Bull (Dawn), and Elijah Kelley (Sunny).

Strange Magic Collage - Dawn and Sunny

There is a wide variety of songs in the film and each actor brought their own signature sound to the song. All of their musical performances are fantastic! I couldn’t decide which one of them stole the show, Kristin Chenoweth or Alan Cumming.

STRANGE MAGIC - Blog King and Sugar Plum

This is a must-see-movie for the whole family and I highly recommend seeing it.  I hope you and your family enjoy seeing it as much as I did.

Cast Interviews

Get a behind the scenes look at my time spent interviewing the talent involved with the movie “Strange Magic.”

Strange Magic Movie Interview with Director Gary Rydstrom

George Lucas Brings Strange Magic to Life

Elijah Kelley Shines in Strange Magic

DVD Bonus Clips


 Activity Sheets

Throw your own “Strange Magic” party with these fun activity sheets.

Download Host A Strange Magic Party

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