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Do you ever wish you could just push the pause button on life and take a moment to breathe? I feel like that a lot of the times and while there is no pause button (that I have yet to find) there is a way to help you get through the day-to-day stress.

RESCUE Remedy USA is just what you need to get through the day-to-day stress. It is the natural way to help restore your inner calm and regain control in stressful situations and it contains nothing but natural ingredients.RESCUE-Pastilles

I have problems falling asleep at night even though I am exhausted. Once I am ready for bed I get comfy and settle into bed and then it happens,

I feel wide awake.

Thoughts about the day start running through my heads, my to-do list starts to come alive in my head and I think about new tasks to add to my list.

Then I start to toss and turn and lastly I end up reaching for my phone to see what is happening on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. After a few hours in bed I finally fall asleep just after midnight. Soon I hear my alarm creeping into my dreams and it’s 6:15 AM and time to get up.

I start my day in a very sleepy mode and it makes the morning very difficult.

Solutions For Sleep Strugglers

Recently I started a nighttime routine that has proved to help me fall asleep and get a goodnight of rest.

  1. I eat at a balance dinner so that I am not hungry when bed time approaches.
  2. Then I take a nice warm bath which gives me some quite time to detox from the day, my kids know that this is “mommy’s time” and they know not to disturb me.
  3. After I’ve finished a few things around the house such as making lunches for the next day and getting the kids in bed I get into bed as well.
  4. I then take RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts, they help calm me down and get me settled for the evening.RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts pack shot 61inch high 300dpi
  5. Lastly, I grab my journal and start writing down my thoughts from the day and anything else that is on my mind.  By writing my thoughts down it helps me clear my mind to make way for a peaceful nights sleep.

RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts were developed by a doctor: Gentle and safe – non-habit-forming/no side effects. RESCUE Sleep blends the  Original RESCUE® Remedy with Bach® Original Flower Remedy, White Chestnut, to help calm repetitive thoughts so you fall asleep naturally and wake refreshed.

LHS 05 Flower

What are some tips that you have for getting a goodnight of sleep?

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