Save Money on your Next Disneyland Vacation with an Annual Passport

DLAnnualPassIf you plan on going to Disneyland at least twice a year for 3 days or more at each visit then you should consider purchasing a Disneyland Annual Passport.

The Annual Passport will allow you to enter both the Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure (no special hopping ticket required).  The Annual Pass is $469, whoa that sounds like a lot of money BUT if you look at how much it will cost you to go twice a year then you will see that the Annual Passport will actually save you money.  The 3 Day Park Hopper costs $235 (Ages 3-9) | $250 (10 & up).  If you go twice a year and buy the 3 Day Hopper you would pay $470 (Ages 3-9) | $500 (10 & up) per ticket total for those two trips However if you buy the Annual Pass you only pay $469 for the entire year per ticket

Yes, you only save $1 on the kids ticket but you also save $31 per adult ticket.  That right there is a good deal!  Be sure to check the Blackout calendar prior to making your Annual Passport purchase to be sure that Deluxe Passport is right for your family vacation.  With the Deluxe Annual Passport you get 315 days in the park, with the Premium Annual Passport you get 365 days in the park and free parking at the Mickey & Friends Parking Garage.  You can compare the two types of tickets here –

The really good news is that Disney allows for those living in California to purchase their Disney Annual Passes using a payment plan! The payment plan can save you money because you spread out your payments throughout the year and this can really help out your budget.  The payment plan works like this: $87 down per pass and then $31.84 per month/per pass.  The down payment and the 1st installment of the payment plan come out of your account on the same day.  There is no interest fee charged on the payment plan.  Instead of plunking down $235 (Ages 3-9) / $250 (10 & up) per ticket you only pay $118.84 per ticket.  This is the 1st month ($87 down payment per ticket + $31.84 installment plan) for the 1st month and then you pay $31.84 per ticket for the next 11 months.

For a family of four it would look like this.

Annual Passport Down Payment $87 (4) = $348
Payment Plan Installment $31.84 (4) = $127.39
Grand Total = $475.36 for the 1st month
11 Monthly Payments = $31.84 (4) = $127.36

OR you would spend the following if you don’t buy the pass (assuming two adults & two children)

3 Day Park Hopper – Adult x 2 = $500
3 Day Park Hopper – Child x 2 = $940
Grand Total = $1440

So before you have even started your vacation you have already spent $1440 or if you buy the Annual Passports on a payment plan you’ve only spent $475.36.


PLUS there are many other perks you get just by being an Annual Passport holder.  One of the major perks is the discount given at shops, dining and at the Disneyland Resort Hotels as well at Downtown Disney.  Check out all of the discounts here

During our last Disneyland Vacation we saved over $60.00 on our food and park souvenirs just by using our Annual Passport discount.  The really nice thing is that the cashiers ask you every time before you checkout if you have an Annual Passport and for me this is helpful because I am a very forgetful person.  We took advantage of the hotel discount at the Disneyland Hotel and we stayed in the Fantasy Tower on the 2nd floor and it was great!  Staying on property is really a great experience, there is a lot of Pixie Dust at the Disneyland Resort Hotels.  Once you have your Annual Passport you can add the membership number to your online Disney Account.  You can then check to see the availability & prices for Standard, View and Concierge rooms at the Disneyland Resort.  As of writing this article the rate for the Paradise Pier for the end of August is $216 for a Standard Room.  I checked the rates at the Embassy Suites South and their rate is $204 for the same night.  Isn’t just $12 more worth it for the great service you receive by staying at a Disney Hotel?

Annual Passport Holders Offers

Disney also offers additional offers just for Annual Passport holders.  Those offers can be found here – and here for the Limited Time Passholder Magic –  As of writing this article there are some pretty cool offers going on right now.  The offer I would love to take advantage of is the Annual Passholder Animation Academy with Eric Goldberg, the Supervising Animator of great characters such as Genie, Phil, Louis and Rabbit. Plus, Eric will teach Passholders how to draw some classic Disney Characters!

Let me know what you think about the Annual Passports and if they will work for your family, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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