Roaring Good Time at Monster’s University

PinkMy family LOVED the movie Monster’s University.  My youngest is almost 3 1/2 and she did really well during the movie, a few of the parts scared her just a tad but other than that she did well.  The most she was scared was for the Thor movie preview.

I thought Monsters University was very clever.  The story telling was great and I really liked the fraternity & sorority aspect to it.  They have fun names like Roar Omega Roar and Python Nu Kappa.

I really liked all of the character development in the story, I thought they did a great job with all of the details of looping in some details from Monsters Inc. into this movie.  Even though she not nice  I  liked Dean Hardscrabble. She is voiced by Helen Mirren and her full name is Abigail Hardscrabble.  😉

I found this website where you can learn all about the academics, admissions, and campus life at Monsters University –

DSMnstrUniPNK13There is a ton of plush merchandise available for the fraternity & sorority story line which will be on clearance by September, but it is clever marketing anyway.  I was just looking at the Disney Store website and they have a lot of fun merchandise available for boys and girls.

What they should really make for sale are the Scarer Cards that they had in the movie, those would be fun for the kiddos.  I haven’t seen them anywhere but if you do then comment below where I can get them.

The Disney Store isn’t the only place to find Monsters University gear, I just came back from Target and I saw MU Cheezits, cereal, macaroni , fruit snacks, and rice krispie bars. I am sure that I will be spending some money on MU toys and snacks for my girls.  If you buy the cereal, check out the Kellogs site where you can enter codes to redeem for cool stuff.  Just 1 code will get you a free song from Disney Music.



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