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Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Red Loop. Today we are sharing ways for you to prepare kids for a Disney vacation.

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Did you know that the Walt Disney World Resort is 40 square miles? That’s the size of San Francisco! Preparing for a Walt Disney World vacation can be like preparing for a marathon. In this post I will suggest ways you can get your kids physically ready for their magical vacation.

 Walt Disney World - Cinderella Castle

You will certainly walk many miles during your vacation around Walt Disney World or Disneyland. How many miles do you think you might track? 2 miles? 3 miles? How about 8 miles!! Yes, I actually walked 8 miles during a day at Epcot and I enjoyed attractions in Future World and World Showcase. So, with that in mind, just think how exhausted your kids can get if they are not ready for walking miles during your vacation.


FitBit Stats - Walt Disney World 2015 - 8 Miles at Epcot

Once your kiddos have grown out of a stroller it’s time for them to walk their little legs all over any Disney park. While your smaller kiddos may still asked to be carried from time-to-time they can get really heavy after just a few minutes. The key to having them ready to tackle the parks for their vacation is prepare them a few months ahead of time.

1. Go for a Walk or Run With Your Kids

Getting your kids stamina up will be very beneficial when you are on vacation. Take a walk everyday with them and try to go just a little bit further each time. Make a game out of it too. Challenge them on how many steps they complete each day and keep track of their steps with an activity band. Once you arrive at Disney you will be amazed at how much your kids will walk and not get tired as easily.

Kids Running in New Shoes

2. New Kicks

At least a month before your trip make sure to check your kids shoes to see that they are fitting properly. If they are getting snug then think about buying a new pair of kicks and athletic socks for them. Doing this at least a month in advance will give them time to break in their new shoes.

3. Activity Band

My girls love their Unicef Kid Power Bands, it helps keep them motivated to be active. They come in a variety of colors and there is a special Star Wars Force For Change style as well. You can also download the Companion App that is loaded with challenges to help keep your kids motivated. The app will also track their progress and encourage them to make their goals.

Unicef Kid Power Band - Lily


One of the unique traits of the Unicef Kid Power Band is that as your kids activity is being tracked they are also earning points to help kids in need. Points are then converted to funding & UNICEF delivers lifesaving packets of therapeutic food to severely malnourished children.

With these easy tips your kids will be ready for the best vacation money can buy, a magical Disney vacation with memories that will last a lifetime. Abby and Lily at Disneyland Swinging Abby


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  1. Great idea, getting the kids ready for Disney physically! Definitely something for moms and dads, too. 😉

  2. Isn’t it mind-boggling to see how many steps you take on a Disney vacation?! I love that you included working up the kids’ (and parents’!) physical endurance. We don’t take strollers for very long (personal choice), so the walking is a huge hurdle to get over – especially with little legs! And what a cool fitness tracker! Welcome back, Dawn 🙂

  3. Good call on the new shoes a month in advance, Dawn! I’m usually pretty good about that with my kids, but buying them last minute for myself is a different story! lol Great tips as always!


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