My Favorite Walt Disney World Memory

1992 - WDW with Lou

My favorite Walt Disney World memory is from 1992.  The park was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom.   My parents were nice enough to bring my then boyfriend (now husband) along for our trip.  We did all the normal stuff you do on vacation, we rode the rides, ate the food, meet many of our favorite characters and it rained every day at 3:00.  One evening we headed over to Pioneer Hall for dinner at the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue for dinner.  The type of food that is served during the show is super.  You can read more about the Hoop De Do Musical Revue here. –

During the course of dinner they ask for volunteers from the audience to participate in the dinner show.  Before I knew it my dad had his hand raised up in the air and was picked to be the Spirit of Davy Crockett.  Within a few moments he appeared on stage in a big pink tutu and fairy wings.  How this related to Davy Crockett is beyond me but it was hilarious.  This was not normal behavior for my dad, normally he is the reserved type of guy, tells a few jokes and stories when in a crowd of people but that is about it.   We never laughed so hard about what he was doing up on the stage.  His performance reminded us of the dancing hippos from Fantasia.  Since then we get him gag gifts of the hippos and it always makes us smile.  I even found him a hippo ceramic statue once for his garden.

While planning (and even taking) a vacation can be stressful this act by my dad reminds me that parents need to unwind and have fun on vacations too.  Now that I have my own family we take Disney vacations as well and I always think back to the night at the Hoop Dee Doo and I smile and remember to have fun.  He left a lasting impressing on me to make sure to let my kids see us being silly and having fun on vacation too; it will be a memory they will have forever.  My dad proved that you are never too old to put on a pink tutu and twirl around on stage in a room full of strangers.

In planning our next trip to Walt Disney World we are going to make sure we visit the newly expanded Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. My favorite thing about the new expansion is Gaston’s Tavern, Beasts Castle and Belle’s French village from “Beauty and the Beast” which is my favorite movie and Belle is by far my favorite princess. I would LOVE to have dinner in the “Be Our Guest” restaurant and listen to Enchanted Tales with Belle.

We are thinking about staying at the newest value resort hotel at Walt Disney World called Art of Animation. I checked out the resort online and saw that they have a Cars themed room, Abby would LOVE to stay there, it looks really cool. Much like other value resorts the theme at the Art of Animation is over the top (that is a good thing) and over sized. I think it looks like a lot of fun. I like the idea of staying there because it is affordable, clean and looks like a fun resort to stay at.

Check out this video with pictures of our vacation and my dad on stage in that pink tutu.


I’d love to about your favorite Walt Disney World memory and what you thought about mine.  Just leave your comments below.


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  1. Yours had me literally laughing out loud.

  2. Isn’t is wonderful how Disney can bring out that hidden side of those who are reserved. I too have treasured memories of my mom cracking up so hard just from a round of Goofy Golf at the new Fantasia Golf course in WDW. I love to people watch at Disneyland. It’s the only place where you will see the most gothic & alternative lifestyle types sporting MM Hands & Ears while carrying their Build-a-Bear in a matching outfit in a chest baby carrier. (True story). And no one judges you for being different and showing off that inner Disney Nerd. =D

  3. What a great way to remember your Dad, Dawn. I’m sorry that you are all going through this with your Dad, but Hospice is a wonderful organization full of caring people that will take care of him with the dignity, love, and respect that he deserves. I’ll keep praying for all of you.

  4. There are many Walt Disney world memories but I one slight different thing related with it. When I was a little girl my grandpa brought me a magazine named “Life Magazine, October 15, 1971 – Opening of Disney World”. I was very very happy by getting that.


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