Subway Presents Monters University Themed Kids Meals

My girls LOVE to go to Subway and now Subway is teaming up with Pixar’s Monsters University for their Kids Meals.  How cool are these Monsters University Backpacks? I say they are very cool!


Each kids meal comes with a Fit Mini Sub, Apple Slices and Low-Fat Milk.

We are going to head to Subway tomorrow and I hope they still have some in stock.  I am sure these are to sell out so be sure to get them for your kiddos soon.  And as a super duper bonus each meal comes with a code that could possibly win you a FREE child’s ticket to see Monsters University.

Check out the Monsters University & Subway site here – to play games and learn more about Monsters University.

Details about the Subway Fit For Kids Meals can be found here –

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