Moms’ Night Out Movie Review and Prize Pack


Moms’ Night Out is a comedy about life as a mom and stars Sarah Drew, Patricia Heaton, Sean Astin, Trace Adkins and Andrea Logan White. The movie centers around mom blogger Allyson (Sarah Drew) and the chaos that surrounds her. If you are not familiar with Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy) you will fall in love with her during this movie; she is adorable.

After a taxing few days taking care of the children Allyson decides to have a Moms’ night out with two of her friends Sondra (Patrica Heaton) and Izzy (Andrea Logan White). All heck breaks loose because the Dads’ are in charge of the kiddos while the moms are trying to enjoy a nice dinner.  The movie will make you laugh out loud, be engaged and even cry a little bit; it’s perfect for the whole family to watch.

Before I watched the movie I had no idea that the main character is a mom blogger.  I thought that it was great to have her as the focus of the movie because as we all know that being a stay at home mom is really hard, but trying to keep up with your blogger life and being a stay at home mom (or working mom like me) is even harder.

We all have a voice and we want to be heard or help others with the advice we give on our blogs; it’s hard to find the time to juggle it all.   In the movie we follow along on Allyson’s journey to take care of her children, blog, have a Moms’ night out and attempt to stay sane. I am sure that a lot of mom bloggers are going to be able to identify with her character.


I loved watching Sean Astin as her supportive husband because he gives her some great advice.  I am not going to tell you what that advice is so you will have to check out the movie and find it out for yourself.  He tries to be super dad when taking care of the kids during the Mom’s night out.  The hijinks that happen while he and two other Dads take care of the kids is pretty funny.

Another element to the movie that I enjoyed is Sean’s sister Bridget played by Abbie Cobb.  I absolutely love her!! She looks like a mini Jennie Garth.  Harry Shum (Glee) plays her ex-boyfriend Joey and their story line pretty much hijacks the movie but it still makes for an exciting ending.

Check out this awesome clip, I hope you like it as much as I do.


MOMS’ NIGHT OUT is a Kevin Downes Production of an Erwin Brothers Film. MOMS’ NIGHT OUT is directed by The Erwin Brothers, and produced by Kevin Downes in association with Four Boys Films and Pure Flix Entertainment. MOMS’ NIGHT OUT opens on May 9th.

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