Maleficent Kids Tennis Shoe Review and Giveaway


Maleficent Kids Tennis Shoe Review - Reebok

Maleficent is my favorite Disney Villain so when I got the chance to have one of my daughters review the new Reebok & Disney shoe I was thrilled.

When they arrived I didn’t tell my daughter about them as I wanted to see if I could even fit my foot inside the shoe and pretend to wear them but no such luck so she gets to keep them.

Don’t you just love the box? I am keeping the box forever, yup forever.

Maleficent Kids Shoes - Box

Since these shoes are new I had no idea what to expect as I had not yet seen an image of them.   I imagined they would be black, purple and have some green on them.  Maybe a picture of Maleficent would appear someplace on the shoe.

Once I unboxed the shoes  I was kind of surprised by the design, it was not what I had expected at all.  My daughter is only four years old so wearing a high top style of shoe is not really part of her wardrobe.

However, I really wanted them for myself because I think they are pretty awesome.

Maleficent Kids Shoes - Front and Back

Once she saw them she said “I don’t like them, they look weird”.

Which is true, these are not shoes that she is used to wearing.

But this little gal of mine is a trooper and she wanted to try them on anyway.  I laced them up all the way, but she said they were too tight and her ankle felt hard (meaning stiff I suppose).

So instead of lacing them up all the way I just did it like a normal tennis shoe and left the upper part unlaced and that seems to work well for her.

Maleficent Kids Shoes - On - Front One Foot


Please excuse the dirty shorts, she just had a popsicle and she’s four years old – what can I say.

She went outside to run around in the shoes and loved them.  I think she feels sturdy in them, she knows they aren’t going to fly off like a pair of flip flops in the grocery store and she says they make her run fast. Okay kiddo.

Maleficent Kids Shoes - On - Front

Since we received the shoes she has worn them every day.

How awesome are the back of these shoes with Maleficent’s eyes? She’s watching you.

You can even roll the back of them down to reveal the design that is on the inside.  My girl prefers to wear them this way.

Maleficent Reebok Tennis Shoe folded down

The final verdict is that she loves the shoes.  Even though at first she wasn’t too sure about them.  They are unique and a lot of people say they love her shoes when they see her wearing them.  According to her they make her run fast!

Reebok Disney Contest

Disney is currently running a contest and you can win a pair of these awesome shoes for your kiddo as well as a backpack, beanie and a $100 gift card.

Enter the Reebok Maleficent Giveaway Pack here.

k Maleficent Shoe Prize Pack

Learn more about the check out all of the Disney-themed Reebok shoes here.

Disclosure: I was given a pair of Maleficent Reebok tennis shoes to try.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Wow, my daughter would flip OUT over these shoes!! They are bit over the top for me (I’m into more classic styles) but especially during Halloween time, these would be so much fun to wear, thanks for sharing!

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