Should MagicBands Come to Disneyland?

There are two kinds of Disney Park fans, those that love MagicBands and those that don’t, there doesn’t seem to be an in-between.  I am on the side of the fence that think they are pretty incredible. 😉

Pink Magic Band with Magical Express Tag

One of the drawbacks that I hear about the MagicBands is using them in conjunction with the FastPass+ system. There is no denying that the FastPass+ system at the Walt Disney World Resort needs some tweaking.  I have used the system to plan FastPass+ for my vacation and it was frustrating to say the least.

However, I think that MagicBands should be introduced at the Disneyland Resort and here’s why.

Disneyland Resort App

With the recent release of a Disneyland Resort App I think that this is a gateway for MagicBands and FastPass+ at the Disneyland Resort. Being able to plan your FastPasses in advance makes vacationing at the Disneyland Resort a whole lot easier.

Disneyland App

Digital Tickets

With the Disneyland Resort App you can now do all of the things you have come to expect from all of those other Disneyland Apps that you have on your phone.  Except the new Disneyland App gives you the ability to add your Disneyland Resort Ticket information.  This is the beginning of making the tickets digital. Bye bye paper tickets, hello technology.

Skip the Ticket Lines: Buy park tickets with the app and show your barcode at the gate for admission when you first get to the park! No ticket booth lines to stand in or e-tickets to print out. *Annual Passholders: Don’t Forget to Bring Your Pass!
You’ll still need to show a valid Annual Pass card for FASTPASS tickets, Passholder discounts and more.

Disneyland App - Tickets

Checking-In and Opening Doors

When I arrived in Orlando and checked in at Disney’s Magical Express I used my MagicBand, I didn’t need to dig through my bag to grab my ID, just a quick tap of my MagicBand and I was on the bus. When I arrived at my Walt Disney World Resort hotel I again used my MagicBand to check-in at front desk and it was a breeze.

I was also able to open my Walt Disney World Resort hotel room door with just a tap of my MagicBand and I thought this was the coolest thing ever! No more fear of loosing your hotel room key or fumbling around for it in your bag.

Pay for Purchases at the Parks and Hotels

You can connect a credit card or debit card to your My Disney Experience or when you check in at your Disney Resort Hotel. No more fumbling around for your wallet, just tuck it away in your bag and just use your MagicBand at the cash register or while dining.  The server has a mobile MagicBand reader that they can use when you pay your bill.

Each purchase does require a PIN to complete the transaction so don’t be worried if you loose your MagicBand, someone else can’t use it.  You can also set spending limits on your kids MagicBands 😉

Point of Sale Machine for Magic Band

Entry into the Parks

Turnstiles be gone, poof!

With MagicBands you can enter the park in just a few seconds and it’s a cool process too.  You tap the MagicBand to the touch point and then your place your finger on the finger scanner reader thingy (yes that is a technical term) and it will read your fingerprint.  It takes just a few seconds for this process and you are in the park! If you have any trouble with this process there are Cast Members at every entry point to help you out.

Magic Band - Epcot Entry - Photo Credit - Disney Parks (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

FastPasses for Attractions, Character Greetings, Parades and Fireworks

I know that the majority of folks who visit Disneyland are locals or most guests don’t plan their trips months in advance.  However, what about those guests that DO plan in advance or those guest who are not locals?  What a terrible feeling it must be for them to have to plan grabbing FastPasses as part of their day at the Disneyland Resort.  I think that is not a very magical experience for anyone. I’d rather enter the park and enjoy the day with my family knowing that my FastPasses are already reserved instead of plotting out who is standing in line to grab FastPasses.

I know that the biggest fear that Disneyland Resort fans have is with the FastPass+ system currently in place at Walt Disney World.  There is no denying that it has some flaws.  If the FastPass+ system does come to the Disneyland Resort I am certain there will be changes.

FastPass+ Walt Disney World with a Magic Band

Here is my idea as to how FastPass+ could work at the Disneyland Resort. With the digital management of FastPasses Disney can have an allotment of FastPasses available in the system for those folks who like to plan out their Disney Vacations.  For the locals or for those that are less likely to plan ahead Disney can still keep an allotment of tickets available for the day of and make them available at the current FastPass distribution locations.

PhotoPass Photographers

No more fumbling for your PhotoPass card or collecting multiple cards for your visit to the Disneyland Resort.  Instead, just let the PhotoPass Photographer scan your MagicBand and this will work for anyone in your group as long as you are all connected in your My Disney Experience.

The Bling

Isn’t it really all about the bling anyway? Look at all of the MagicBands, Bandits, and Magic Sliders that are available at the Disney Store! There is a MagicBand out there for everyone and Disney knows that these are hot ticket items which means more money for them.

Magic Bands at Walt Disney World

There are also a great number of ways you can customize your MagicBand with stickers, paint and Bandits & Sliders.

Magic Bandits at Walt Disney World

The Watch Slider is my favorite because every time I had wore MagicBand I always looked at it for the time and I haven’t worn a watch in at least a decade!

Magic Band Sliders - Watch - Minnie Mouse - Disney Parks Blog

MagicBand Keepers are also available and are a great way to use a MagicBand without putting it on your wrist. The MagicBand attaches to the accessory and then the accessory attaches to a bag, purse or wheelchair. You can learn more about the MagicBand Keeper on

You Don’t HAVE to use a MagicBand

MagicBands are not a mandatory item to use at the Walt Disney World Resort so you don’t HAVE to use one. MagicBands are currently free for any guests staying at the Resort Hotels.  Other guests staying off property use an admission card but can purchase a MagicBand for $12.95 and link their admission card to it.  If MagicBands do come to Disneyland Resort the locals don’t have to use them at all.

The first time I used a MagicBand I was excited, but very nervous that the whole system wasn’t even going to work! I was in fear that my MagicBand wouldn’t be connected to my account or something else would happen.  It is natural to be apprehensive when trying something new but I quickly got over it once I started to use my MagicBand.  Remember that Cast Members are always there to help.

Deny, Deny, Deny

Yes, I know that Mary Niven, VP of Disneyland Park, said that they “don’t plan on introducing the MagicBands anytime soon”….but you do realize that she didn’t say “Never” she just said “not anytime soon.”  Disney isn’t going to release information until they are ready to roll out MagicBands at Disneyland.

What do you think? Is Disneyland going to get MagicBands someday?

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