The Gaming System Your Five Year Old Wants is #LeapTV

I hosted a LeapTV home party for my 5 year old, her cousins and friends. They all had a blast trying out the new LeapTV by LeapPad.

We have been through many LeapFrog toys through the years and are always impressed by how well the company merges learning and fun.


I was impressed with the LeapTv, once my daughter got her hands on the controller she had no problems navigating through the screens. Often times when we play with our other gaming system she has a hard time with remembering all the different buttons she needs to push.

3 Ways to Play

I am in love with the different ways my daughter was able to play with the system. She could use the classic controller, use the controller as a pointer or use her body.

The system included a web cam type of device pointed towards the players so it can capture their movements.


Made for Younger Kids

My youngest daughter is almost 5 and as a family we like to play video games together. She gets frustrated sometimes because there are a lot of buttons she needs to push to make her character move.

Once we unpacked the LeapTV I was so happy to see how easy it was for her to navigate through the menus and select the game she wanted to play.

The LeapTV is designed for younger kids aged 3-8 but older children can also jump in and have fun too. I also have a 9 year old daughter and she had a great time playing the sports games as well as the dancing games.

I was able to set up each of my daughters with their own profile on the LeapTV website so that when they are selected as a player the questions asked adjust in difficulty according to their grade level.

LeapTV Makes Learning Fun

LeapTV_Makes Learning Fun

Once you turn on LeapTV you will see how awesome this system is for learning. Yes, your kiddos will be playing games but they will also be learning spelling and math skills along with their favorite Disney characters such as Jake and Sofia.

Check out this fun video I made from our LeapTV Party.

Learn more about LeapTV today and why you need to get it under your Christmas list now.

Disclaimer: I received the LeapTV to test out in my home and host a LeapTV party. I received no other payment for this post and all opinions are always my own.

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