It’s Not Easy Being Green

MaleficentHow do I love thee, let me count the ways.  Maleficent is my favorite Villain and here’s why. She’s green and has horns, who else can pull off being green and beautiful at the same time?  She also turns into a dragon and breathes fire, which is pretty cool.  I love her ‘human’ outfit with the flame like accents on her dress.   She lives in the Forbidden Mountains near King Stefan’s Kingdom.  She is a very determined evil lady as from what I can tell she’s pretty upset at King Stefan for NOT being invited to Princess Aurora’s christening and put’s an evil spell on her instead of sending a present.  The spell is that on her 16th birthday she will price her finger on a spindle of spinning wheel and DIE. 
Maleficent first appeared in Sleeping Beauty 1959 but has made appearances in a few other films such as Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and recently has appeared on ABC’s Once Upon A Time.  I’d love to see more of her relationship with the Evil Queen and Maleficent in flashbacks. She has also appeared in video games such as Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey.  At Disneyland you can find her Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk Through tour  and in Fantasmic! She also makes an appearance during the Mickey’s Boo-to-you Halloween Parade. I am currently reading the first book in the Kingdom Keepers series to Lily and Maleficent is the main character so I am excited to dive more into the book. 

There is a new movie called Maleficent being released in 2014 staring Angelina Jolie.  I can’t stand Angelina so I am not sure I will see the movie, but I would really like to just because is about Maleficent.

Animator: Marc Davis
Voice: Eleanor Audley

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