It’s Back to School Time for Kids, is their Identity Safe? #LifeLockUltimatePlus

It’s time for the wonderful tradition of when kids head back to school.  This time of the year can be exciting but also a hectic time of the year for not only parents but school offices as well.  Identity thieves are always on the lookout for opportunities to steal your identity and this time of the year can be a gold mine for them.


Have you thought about possible identity theft during this time of the year?

I never thought about the possibility of identity theft during back to school time until I was doing research for this blogpost.

Every year when your child heads back to school there is paperwork to fill out for school registration, fall sports and even forms at the doctor’s office. This means there is paperwork with your child’s information on them floating around numerous offices.


Not only do you need to consider these scenarios for when your children start elementary,  junior and high school but when they set off on their own to college.

Identity Theft Can Happen In College Too.

Heading off to college can be an exciting time for both parents and children.  However, there are many opportunities for identity thieves to steal the clean credit records of your college bound student.

No longer will you be there to help them to help protect their identity. Your child may be living in a dorm room situation and their identity could easily be compromised. You are not there to pick up the daily mail and shred paperwork with personal information on it. This is now up to your college aged child do take care of this task.

Talk to your college student about protecting their personal files and identity while living away from home. Consider sending them off to college with a small paper shredder and a small locked file cabinet to store their personal files in.


We all know that even with the best practices in place it is still possible for an identity theft to happen. School computer systems can be compromised and information can be stolen.  Your child’s clean credit record is like a gold mine for identity thieves and it needs to be protected.

How can you protect your identity as well as your child’s?

LifeLock can help! They offer the LifeLock Junior™ Identity Theft Protection membership as an add-on product to an adult Lifelock plan.


LifeLock Junior™ Identity Theft Protection will:

  • Look for your child’s personal information in applications for credit and services on a daily basis.  If they find something, they’ll send you an alert by text, phone or email.
  • Monitor your child’s Social Security number to detect credit information associated with your child’s identity.
  • Will patrol over 10,000 criminal websites and will notify you if your child’s Social Security number and associated personal identifying data is found.
  • Actively search peer-to-peer file-sharing networks for exposure of your child’s personal information.
  • Provide you with a Certified Resolution Specialist that will personally handle your case and help restore your child’s identity in the event of fraudulent activity.
  • Spend up to $1 million to hire experts to help their recovery should your child become a victim of identity theft.

The LifeLock Ultimate Plus™ membership will give you the peace of mind to know that you identity is protected.  By adding the LifeLock Junior™ membership your entire family will be protected.


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Visit the LifeLock Site to learn more about how LifeLock’s suite of products can help protect you and your family from identity thieves.

Disclosure: I was asked to provide a story about heading back to school and the possibility of identity theft.  I was given a LifeLock service but all opinions, experiences and thoughts are my own.



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