Inside Anna & Elsa’s Boutique in Disneyland Resort

Anna & Elsa's Boutique Disneyland

Anna & Elsa’s Boutique can be found in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort in the spot where Studio Disney 365 used to be.

Cool kids aged 3-15 can now take advantage of Frozen inspired transformations as well as shop for Frozen inspired merchandise worth melting for.

This the menu listing provided by the Disneyland Resort of the available transformations.  See the Disney Parks Blog here for pictures of the cool transformations.

Anna and Elsa's Boutique Transformation Menu - Courtesy - Disneyland Resort

Transformation Stations

Anna & Elsa Boutique - Transformation Station 2 Anna & Elsa Boutique - Tranformation Station

Ann and Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Hair Accessories

Once the store opened on October 6, 2014 everyone was so excited to get inside and see all the fun merchandise.

Anna & Elsa's Boutique

To me the boutique looks like a mini Disney store, except everything is from Frozen, which is a good thing because having all of the merchandise under one roof is a great idea.

Anna and Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Top Merchandise

My four year old is in love with Anna and Olaf, she likes Elsa too but since she is the little sister in our family I think she identifies most with Anna.  I am glad to see that Anna & Elsa’s Boutique will be my one stop shop for all things Frozen.


Ann and Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Merchandise Ann and Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Display

Anna & Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Elsa Clothing Anna & Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Anna Dresses

Toys & Collectibles


Anna and Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Precious Moments Doll - Elsa Anna and Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Anna Dolls

Anna and Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Lithographs

Anna & Elsa Boutique - Frozen - iPhone Cases

Anna & Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Plush Dolls

Anna & Elsa Boutique - Interior - Sven Merchandise


Anna and Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Olaf Anna and Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Mannequin - Display with Video Screen Anna and Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Put Yourself in the Picture - Photo Booth

Anna & Elsa's Boutique - Interior - Cash Wrap

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  1. Rachel Young says:

    oh.. my.. gosh!! I hope they plan on opening one in Orlando, FL!

  2. I hope they will too, just wondering if they wanted to start small to see if it would work first. But DUH of course it will work.

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