How to Host a Wine Tasting At Your Home

I recently attended a wine tasting presentation by David Mirassou and I learned some tips on how to host a wine tasting party at home.

How to Host a Wine Tasting At Home - #Mirassou

Did you know that the Mirassou is America’s oldest winemaking family? I was quite impressed to learn that fact! That is certainly a testament to the passion each generation of the Mirassou family has for wine.

During the presentation David explained how to pair different types of wine with a variety of food, even something as simple as macaroni.

Mirassou - Body Slide

We were given four different wines to try:

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir
  • Sunset Red
  • Moscato

Mirassou - Wine Tasting Set Up

The Moscato was my favorite because I am not a big wine drinker and the Moscato has less alcohol, a nice fruity flavor and some extra bubbles.  It is great served with Salmon or a nice crisp salad but I loved having it with cheesecake!

Mirassou Wine Tasting - Dessert with Moscato

Host a Wine Tasting Party

Hosting a wine tasting party at home can be fun and no need to stress out about buying the perfect wine because you will be buy a lot of different varieties.

  1. Buy at least 6 different types of wines. I suggest to at least get a Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Moscato, Sunset Red, Pinot Noir and Merlot.
  2. Food can be as simple as fresh fruit, a variety of cheeses and chocolate truffles
  3. Set the mood with fresh flowers, string lights and candles
  4. Clean your home and offer plenty of room for your guests to sit and chat while enjoying their wine.

Visit the Mirassou wine website at for information and handy downloads that will help you host a wine tasting party at home.

To help hosting your wine tasting at home you can download:

  • Wine tasting mats
  • Wine tasting scoring sheets
  • Food and wine paring guides
  • Mirassou Recipe cards

Mirassou Wine Tasting Mat

For more tips on entertaining at home visit Mirassou on Facebook and Pinterest.

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