Halloween Time Merchandise at Disney Parks is Always Spooktacular

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My favorite aspect of Halloween Time at the Disney Parks is the merchandise.  I am a sucker for Halloween decorations and then when you throw Mickey and friends into the mix I have to buy it.  It is a dangerous time for me as a consumer because if I have enough credit left on my Disney Credit Card chances are I will buy a lot of Disney Halloween merchandise.

For five years of my life I worked at the Disney Store in San Francisco.  Every year (in August, LOL) when the Halloween merchandise would start rolling in I would use my cast member discount to buy just about one of everything.  I am pretty sure that I drove my husband nuts when I would bring home the latest statue of Winnie the Pooh dressed up for Halloween.  I think my favorite is when Winnie the Pooh dresses up as a bee because we called him PoohBee. I’ve seen him dressed as a black cat, werewolf, Frankenstein (FrankenPooh) and as a bee.  He’s just so cute, how can you NOT buy these?

Pooh Bear Halloween Collection

When it comes to the Disney Parks my issues are even worse because the merchandise is so limited and I only get to see it for a short amount of time when I visit the park; unlike when I worked at the Disney Store I was surrounded by the Halloween merchandise for months.

Here are some of the items from my Disney Halloween Collection.

This year when I looked at the Halloween Time merchandise there was one thing that has stood out to me that I must have at ALL costs and it is the Maleficent headband ears.  She is my favorite Villain and these will be cool to wear at the office.  I normally wear devil horns anyway on Halloween because they don’t dress up at my office (ANNOYING). You can see more Villain headband ears on the Disney Parks Blog at http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2013/10/limited-time-magic-spotlight-on-halloween-headwear-at-disney-parks/

Maleficent Headband Ears

Maleficent Ears – Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Of course the other Halloween Time item I’d love to have the Madam Leota Globe on my desk at work, that should freak people out.

Madam Leota Globe

Madam Leota Globe – Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

For more pictures of the merchandise now available at Disney Parks you can view a gallery on the Disney Parks Blog at http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/galleries/2013/08/popular-halloween-merchandise-returns-to-locations-at-disney-parks

What is your favorite aspect of Halloween Time at the Disney Parks?

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  1. I love all of the Halloween merchandise too. Especially anything related to the Haunted Mansion. 🙂

  2. OK, so as much as I don’t like Halloween, I have to admit that those Pooh figurines are absolutely adorable and I’d probably have to buy them too!

  3. That’s a heck of a collection – those globes are amazing!


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