Growing Up Too Quick on Dog With A Blog

On tonight’s new episode of Dog with a Blog the show deals with a topic we are going through right now in my household.  I have two daughters that are aged eight and three.  I feel like my eight year old is growing up too quick; last night she told me that the tooth fairy isn’t real and that she doesn’t like Disney Princess anymore, I died a little inside.  I realized that even though she is only eight she is growing up and her world is changing so quickly. I know that she gets jealous when I sit with her little sister and play or have special time with her.

Dog With A Blog on the Disney Channel

My family watches Dog with a Blog every week and I know that my oldest daughter relates to Avery very well.   On the show Avery thirteen years old and is played by G. Hannelius.  She is the middle child but also the step sister to sixteen year old Tyler and seven year old Chole.  Avery is the smart, artistic and classic good girl of the family.  She has a hard time with Tyler always being so calm and cool with things going his way without much effort.

G. Hannelius is Avery on Dog with a Blog on the Disney Channel

I am recording the episode as my daughter is out with her Dad at the Sacramento Kings basketball game.  I can’t wait to watch the episode with her and talk about it afterwards.  You can tune in tonight at 8:30 to watch the drama and laughs unfold on the Disney Channel.  I would love to know what you think of the show too, just leave your comment below.

Update: I watched the episode with my eight year old daughter and I teared up a bit at the end when Avery and her mom have a heart to heart.  I think that watching the episode with my eight year old really helped us too because this week she is back to her old shelf.  My daughter may have realized that she is growing up quickly too but still needs her mom, just like Avery. Thank you Disney Channel for making quality TV that my family can relate to.

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  1. I just watched it with my girls! 2 1/2 and 8- and boy, I hear ya on the 8 year old! It was very sweet. Good show tonight- hope yall love it too!

  2. Tracy Iseminger says:

    My two girls are 8 & 11 and Im already all to familiar with mommy/daughter talks. Love to see touching moments like these that I can watch with my own kids!

  3. I’ve got girls the same ages as your, plus a few more sprinkled in. It’s hard to handle jealousy when trying to give one on one time with each of them! It was good to watch with them!

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