Hosting a “Girls Night In” Party with the “Strange Magic” Movie

I was excited to host a “Girls Night In” party themed around the movie “Strange Magic” because the music is cute and full of fun songs.  My girls were super excited to try out the Karaoke machine with their friend too because they love to perform.

Strange Magic - Girls Night In - Items

The girls made bracelets, I painted their nails, they watched “Strange Magic” and then they put on a performance with the Karaoke machine.  They had a blast!

You can host a party just like this too.

First, you will need some “Strange Magic” invitations. You can download them by clicking on the graphic below. Included in the download are:

  • Party Invitations
  • Thank You Cards
  • Recipe for Bog King Mud Pie
  • Fairy Wing Decorations
  • Instructions on how to make a Magic Fairy Jar
  • Strange Magic Drink Potion
  • Sunny Party Hat

Download Host A Strange Magic Party
Strange Magic Movie

The DVD of “Strange Magic” can be found at any store where you normally purchase your DVD movies.  The movie is a fun-tastical fairy musical.  The music is a lot of fun and the movie is beautiful. Even though it may look like a girl-centric movie, boys and girls will enjoy it.

“Strange Magic” is perfect for the whole family because there is music, adventure, a love story and did I mention music? Yes, there a good amount of music in the film but it helps move the story along.

Strange Magic stars Evan Rachel Wood (Marianne), Kristin Chenoweth (Sugar Plum Fairy), Alan Cumming (Bog King), Maya Rudolph (Griselda), Sam Palladio (Roland), Alfred Molina (Fairy King), Meredith Ann Bull (Dawn), and Elijah Kelley (Sunny).

Strange Magic DVD Cover

Strange Magic CD

The music in the movie is a lot of fun and many of them are mashed up together.  The CD includes 13 songs from the movie including:

  • Can’t Help Falling in Love
  • Three Little Birds
  • I Can’t Help Falling in Love
  • Love is Strange

Charm Bracelets

I suggest heading to the jewelry isle at your local craft store,  I purchased some extra charms and bracelets from Michaels. I also bought a whole packet full of birthstone charms for just a few bucks, it really made each girls charm bracelet unique. I also had each girl make a bracelet for their mom as well.

Strange Magic - Girls Night In - Charms and Nail Polish

Glow in the Dark Bracelets

These fun Glow in the Dark Bracelets can also be found at your local craft store for just $13 bucks.  This kit includes a lot of string, you can make over 20 bracelets with this kit. According to the girls, the green string glows the best in the dark.

Strange Magic - Girls Night In Party - Bracelet Making

Nail Polish

The nail polish I was sent are brands I had not tried before, but I am now in love with Butter Nail Lacquer. The finish of the nail polish is so smooth, I couldn’t stop touching my nails when they were dry.  The color we used was Fairy Lights from their metallic line.

The other color is by Zoya and is from their Pixie Dust line in NYX color, this will add a touch of Pixie Dust to your finger tips.

Strange Magic - Girls Night In - Nail Polish


The girls loved this part of the party because they each had a turn to sing their favorite song, which was “Let it Go” and there was also a Taylor Swift song that made it to the performance as well.

The Karaoke machine is by Electrohome and it comes with a CD that will display the word of the song on your TV, however since these girls were under 5 years old they don’t how to read just yet.  But that is ok, because you can hook up your phone to the machine and play any song you want.  There is an extra cord that you will need to buy to make it work though.

Strange Magic - Girls Night In - Karoke Trio

Strange Magic - Girls Night In - Rocking Out

Strange Magic - Girls Night In - Karoke Karina

The Karaoke machine is really neat too because you can just put in a CD and let it play.  After the movie I popped the CD in the machine and the girls finished up their playdate.

Strange Magic - Girls Night In Party - Karoke Machine and Soundtrack

Disclosure: I received this kit to host a party from Click Communications, no other compensation was paid and all opinions are my own.


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  1. Jimbo schmidt says:

    That is awesome, I may get my man card revoked for this but I think I like this movie more than my daughters and I’m 35. Next time mommy goes out with her sister we are having a strange magic party. Just wondering is there anywhere you can buy karaoke music for the songs from the movie? I can find the ELO version just fine but the movie version is a duet with the verses switched around and me and my oldest daughter could rock it if it’s available anywhere. Let me finish by saying the Bog King is hardcore, I will never look at Allen Cummings the sane way again. Who knew he had the pipes to tear up Deep Purples mistreated like he did? So happy that me and my girls can bond over music I have rocked out to since I was there age. #Strangemagic2?

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