Genevieve Goings Knows the Right Way to Teach Kids Through Music

We were thrilled to meet Genevieve Goings in person at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Disneyland in April 2014. My girls have listened to Choo Choo Soul for years and they know who Genevieve is.

At my youngest daughter’s preschool they listen to Choo Choo Soul almost every day. Genevieve is sweet, beautiful (inside and out) and she’s a great dancer! We ended up dancing with her during the Dance Party at Toon Town and my girls still talk about hanging out with Genevieve at Disneyland.

Genevieve Goings, Abby, Lily and Abby at Disney Social Media Moms

Do You Know?

Genevieve Goings has just released her first solo album titled “Do You Know” and it’s jam packed with songs for the whole family. Each song is not only a teachable song with easy to learn lyrics but each song is performed in a different musical genre.

The songs are catchy and your kids will be singing along very quickly while also learning life skills such as their telephone number and telling time. Genevieve is smart because she knows that parents will be listening to her album a lot and she’s made the songs easy for adults to enjoy. This is one album that I won’t “accidentally” loose in the car. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do You Know Album by Genevieve Goings

My Telephone Number Is

The first single released from the album was “My Telephone Number is” and from the moment I heard it I knew my girls would love it. Check out Genevieve’s vintage 90’s inspired video for the song.

We downloaded the single and the girls were signing it all the time so we decided to do a little music video.


The song “Gotta Do My Business” is a fantastic song for those little ones learning to potty train and is sung in a reggae style. I am especially fond of “Inside Voice” with its rock n’ roll flare and “I’m Clean” which feels like a pop-inspired dance song. For some reason I feel like I should be on roller skates when I hear this song and it’s my favorite song on the album.

  • Intro – Here She Comes!
  • Count Me In
  • My Telephone Number Is
  • Do You Have the Time? (Interlude)
  • How Many Fives Around the Clock?
  • Inside Voice
  • Aeiou
  • Gotta Do My Business
  • I’m So Clean
  • Slide and Pinch
  • How Old Are You? (Interlude)
  • All Grown Up
  • Rainbow Colors
  • Outro – There She Goes!
  • Thank You So Much

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