Finding Inspiration in the Desert at Disney Social Media Moms – #DisneySMMoms

I was honored to have been invited to the Disney Social Media Moms on the Road event in Phoenix this year.  I love meeting new people and making new connections.  This is my second year attending this event and I can say that it was just as fun at last years event.

There were a few bloggers in attendance that I knew already but there was a lot that I did not know and it was great chatting with them about their blogging business and how they juggle being a mom and a blogger.

DisneySMMoms Phoenix Collage

While I sat listening to the speakers I was inspired by each one.  I was inspired by their passion, their determination and their imagination.

Disney Mom’s Panel

Presented by Leanne Jakubowski O’Regan, @leannej, Director Social Media, Disney Parks

Leanne Jakubowski O’Regan Director Social Media Disney Parks
Leanne shared information with us about the Disney Parks Moms Panel – do you know about it? The Disney Parks Moms panel is a group of moms, dads and grandparents who answer questions on a forum at

These pixie dusted individuals are selected to be on the panel based upon their park specialty and answer questions about Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Vacation Club, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and runDisney.

Disney Parks Moms Panel

We were honored to have one of the Disney Parks Moms Panelist in the room.  Lauren H. is a new panelist this year and specializes in Walt Disney World.  You can learn more about Lauren on the Disney Parks Moms website and ask her a question about your next trip to the Disney Parks.

DSMM Phoenix - Conference - People - Lauren Holt
The panelist are on the panel for two years and new members are added each year.  The application process starts towards the end of August beginning of September and goes through November.  If you are interested in being a part of the Disney Parks Moms Panel be sure to visit the site starting in August to find out how you can apply.  You can also follow the has tag #DisneyMP on Twitter for lots of updates by other applicants.

What’s New, What’s Next at Disney Parks – Finding Inspiration Through Legacy

Presented by Michele Himmelberg@mhimmelberg, Disneyland Public Relations Director

DSMM Phoenix - Conference - Speaker - Michele - Disneyland Speech
She reviewed the amazing year that Disney Parks has been experiencing so far with the DisneySide celebrations, the 24 hour event in May and the arrival of Elsa and Anna at the Disney Parks.

Disneyland Recap with Michele Himmelberg
She wondered how it could all be topped but I think she knows has an idea. 😉

DSMM Phoenix - Conference - Disneyland Resort 60th Anniversary Information - Inspiration Through Legacy

On July 17, 1955 Disneyland opened its gates and has never looked back. This year Disneyland Resort will celebrate their 59th anniversary!  On July 17th  at 10am on you can get a sneak peek at what is being planned for the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland Resort in 2015.  Be sure to also follow along with the hastag #Disneyland60

After listening to Michele present about the previous years events at the Disney Parks I was inspired by the legacy left behind as well as the foundation that is paved for the future. Everything that has happened in the past is an essential element to how we live today and we need to appreciate the past and celebrate it. Walt Disney has left behind an amazing legacy and you can too; just seek out what you are passionate about and make it your legacy so that others can be inspired by you.

Disney Parks Social Media: Behind The Scenes – Finding Inspiration Through Teamwork

Presented by Erin Glover @gopluto, Disneyland Social Media Director

DSMM - Conference - Speaker - Erin Glover - Speaking

Erin shared with us that it takes a lot of coordination of her team to produce the awesome Social Media content that Disneyland shares. She revealed that she runs her team like a newsroom and everyone has a speciality, a passion for what they write about and that helps give an authentic vibe to their stories.   There are many stories being published throughout the week on the Disney Parks  Blog so you can imagine that it is a lot to keep track of.   Teamwork is an essential element of how the Disney Parks Blog and Disneyland Social Media work together.  Erin said her team keeps things organized through Google Docs.  They utilize Google Docs to organized their Tweets as well as what stories they are publishing on the Disney Parks Blog.  After listening to Erin’s presentation I was inspired by the use of teamwork and how important a team is for success. DSMM Phoenix - Conference -Speaker - Erin Glover - Hub and Spoke - Inspiration through teamwork Erin also talked about being a writer and finding your inspiration.  She shared that if you want to be a writer you need to find your voice and write, write, write.  I have found that to be so true – inspiration is an important element in being able to authentically express who you are. When you are writing about a topic you don’t really like then your article is blah. However, when you write about something that you love, such as Disneyland history then your blog post is full of pixie dust and the writing comes naturally.

The Solution Side of Motherhood – Finding Inspiration Through Determination

Lori Lorenz, @LoriLorenzCA @HPPrint, Senior Director, Direct Print Services, HP

DSMM - Phoenix - Conference - Speaker - Lori Lorenz
Lori spoke to us about what HP Print has been doing to help make our lives easier.  Did you know that some of the new HP printers (HP Envy 530 is one of them) has a new feature called HP Instant Ink?   This is a new service that you can sign up for and pay a month fee.  Oh no, not another monthly fee?? But wait until you find out what you get.  These newer printers have the capability to tell when you are about to run out of ink and will ship new ink to your home BEFORE you run out of ink.  What? Yes, that is correct.

No more disappointment on your kiddos face when you run out of ink while printing them a coloring sheet or a last minute book report. No more rushing to Staples at 8:45 pm to buy printer ink and no more thinking “I can’t print this in color, the ink is too expensive”.

I utilize the HP Instant Ink program and I only pay $2.99 per month and can print up to 50 pages per month.  There are other plans that you can sign up for but I feel that so far this plan works for my family.

Another new feature from HP are the TwoSmiles personalized cards that come with a gift card that you can print from home.  Again, what? Yes, it is true you can print a last minute birthday gift, teacher appreciation card and a gift card at the same time.  I have used this for teacher appreciation gifts on the morning of the last day of school because like any other busy mom I completely forgot to pick up a card at the store.

HP gifted us with our DisneySide photo and a stamped envelope so we could send the picture off to a grandparent.

DSMM HP Collage
While all of this awesome technology is fun it was Lori’s story about her recent MBA graduation that provided inspiration. Her daughter graduated from college and Lori graduated from her MBA program at the same time. While the road was bumpy at times juggling a full time career, being a mom and being a student she was able to do it. It was her story of determination that is inspiring to moms (like me) who are thinking of going back to school to earn their degrees.

DSMM Phoenix - Inspiration - Conference - Speaker - HP - Moments

Capturing Magical Memories… A Focus on Mobile Photography – Finding Inspiration Through Photography

Tracey Clark,

Oh, photography + Disneyland now you are speaking my language. I was so thrilled to be able to hear Tracey Clark present mobile photography tips. She could have given a full day conference on the topic and I would have been glued to every word.

Tracey’s tips were great because she shared that you can create magical photographs at Disney Parks with just your mobile phone. There are photo editing tools in your phone that you can use to help make the image pop, apply a tilt focus and crop the image.

The one take away that I filed in my brain was to not to take the picture as the finished product. It is ok to go back later and crop and fiddle with the image to make is sparkle with pixie dust. Tracey also touched on how we can elevate our everyday view of the world by seeing things just a little bit differently, sometimes upclose, out of focus, cropped or at a different angle.

DSMM Phoenix - Conference - Speaker - Tracey Clark - Make Every Step Count - Inspiration through photography

I was honored to be able to stick around after the event and chat with Tracey for a bit after event.  Did you know that she is also part of the dynamic trio called the Disney Sisters?

DSMM Phoenix - Conference -People - Disney Sisters

The Disney Sisters – Tracey, Becky and Jessica


Lessons Learned, Experiences Shared – The Life of Mom Business Owners – Finding Inspiration Through Innovation

Lisa Cash Hanson, @MompreneurmogulSnugg Wugg
Romy Taorima@psibandsPsi Bands
Allyson Phillips, @tiltycupmomTilty Cup
Moderated by: Maria Bailey,

DSMM Phoenix - Conference - Speakers - Huggies Mom Inspired Panel - Inspiration through invention

Do you have an idea for a great product? Have you ever thought “I totally thought of that five years ago?”. Well know you can get your next big idea to the market with the Huggies MomInspired program. The program will award moms $15,000 in seed money as well as business resources. The program is open now until September 30, 2014 so check it out and don’t let that big idea slip away because wouldn’t we all like to make money while we sleep?
DSMM Phoenix - Conference - Sponsor - Huggies Mom Inspired

When my girls were babies I had ideas all the time about how to make raising them easier, I wish I would have known about this program back then.  I still have one idea locked away in my head so I am going to take a stab at it and apply this year.  Wish me luck.

Special Guest

The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in Phoenix was the last stop on the tour visiting Chicago and Philly. By now we all knew that the special guest was Mickey Mouse, or at least that is what we thought. I love Mickey Mouse as much as the next Disney Nerd and I can see him anytime I want in the park however I don’t always get him alone for a special photograph.

When the event ended we were introduced to our special guest and I think I screamed when I saw that our guest was Grumpy Cat (a.k.a Tarder Sauce). I have been big supporter and follower of her for a while now. I think she is adorable and I wanted to put her in my bag and run away with her…but we were told that we couldn’t even touch her so that plan wasn’t going to work. I know her website says that she is the world’s grumpiest cat but I think she is super. You can find out more about her at

DSMM Phoenix - Conference - Grumpy Cat Likes Me

Inspiration in the Desert

What I took away from the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in Phoenix is that there is inspiration in our everyday lives that can help lift us up to the next level. I was inspired by legacy, teamwork, determination, photography and innovation.  I was truly honored to have been invited to the conference and I am so thrilled to see what is in store for Disneyland this year and for the 60th anniversary celebration.

If a conference like this interests you then visit the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration website for more information at and follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #DisneySMMoms.

Here are some more photos from the event.

DSMM Phoenix - Conference - People - Leanne

Leanne Jakubowski O’Regan Director Social Media Disney Parks

DSMM Phoenix - Conference - People - Becky and Jessica Disney Sister DSMM Collage - Extra Photos

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  1. It really was a lot of fun! So great to see you again Dawn!

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      • Well, there was just so much I wanted to talk about and I didn’t want people to be scrolling forever (and losing interest!) Plus, it gave me more blog posts to schedule for July! 😉

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    I had such a great time and it is always fun to see all you ladies! 🙂


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