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During my trip to Los Angeles in November 2014 I had the opportunity to attend a press event for the new ABC TV Show “Agent Carter” which included a visit to the Agent Carter set, a presentation by Costume Designer Gigi” Ottobre-Melton, interview with showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, and quick chat with Agent Carter herself Hayley Atwell.

Agent Carter - Set -Top Secret

Agent Carter - Set - Closed set Quiet Please

We had a quick chat with Hayley Atwell and she is just as amazing as you might think she would be! She told us that she was thrilled to be working on the Marvel project and felt that it is a great way to continue Peggy Carter’s story.

Marvle - Hayley answers questions

Marvel - Hayley group photo

Agents Reporting for Duty

Walking onto the set was surreal because at the time we had only seen the Marvel One-Shot “Agent Carter” and clips from the first episode.  So the set wasn’t familiar to us but I was trying to take in as much as I could and try to remember everything.  Now that the first two episodes have aired it is really neat to look at these pictures.

We all had the opportunity to sit at Agent Carter’s desk and have our photo taken.  It was fascinating to see all of the vintage office items on the desk.

Agent Carter - Set - Dawn Cullo at Agent Carter's Desk

Agent Carter - Set - Group at desks

At attention_group

Agent Carter - Set - SSR Top Secret folder

According to showrunner Michele Fazekas the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) is a very masculine environment in which Agent Carter stands out.  Her color palate is different from the men she works around and she is mostly seen wearing hats and dresses.

Agent Carter - Set - Stark Industries sensitive material

She informed us that the set was built from the ground up and based on photos of real office from the 1940’s.  Tara Butters mentioned that the furniture is vintage from the 1940’s and bought or rented.  However, some items such as the maps were built for the show.

Agent Carter - Set - SSR filing cabinet

Agent Carter - Set - SSR map

Time for Lunch at the Automat

At the time we visited the Automat I had no idea the significance of this set but now that we have seen the first two episodes we now know that this is where Peggy Carter eats many of her meals and meets with Jarvis.  Walking through here was really interesting because I really felt like we took a trip on a time machine and were walking through a 1940’s restaurant.

Agent Carter - Set - Automat Set Walk Through

Agent Carter - Set - Automat Set Tour

Agent Carter - Set - Automat set

Agent Carter - Set - Automat set group

Agent Carter - Set - Automat behind the counter

Agent Carter - Set - Automat instructions

Agent Carter’s Vintage Style

We were honored to have a few moments with costume designer Giovanna “Gigi” Ottobre-Melton.

Agent Carter - Wardrobe - bloggers surround costume idea boards

She’s a Los Angeles native and Emmy award-winning costume designer. She attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, where she received her degree in design. The elaborate costumes featured in period films influenced her significantly, and inspired her to pursue a career in costume design.

Agent Carter - Wardrobe - Gigi Melton idea board

Her work spans the entertainment industry; from feature films to television including series such as the upcoming ABC series  “Marvel’s Agent Carter”, TNT’s “Mob City,” CBS’ “Numbers,” NBC’s “My Name Is Earl,”  WB’s “Jack & Bobby,” CBS’ “The Handler,” and the NBC series “Providence,” for which she won an Emmy for costume design.

Agent Carter - Wardrobe - costume idea boards

A lot of the items used on Agent Carter are vintage items purchased or rented from costume rental houses.  Many times since the vintage fabric is old she needs to rebuild some elements of the wardrobe such as the pockets or waist bands.

Gigi likes to use Vintage ties and suits, but many of the shirts are custom-made.  She really enjoys the texture of clothing from the 1940’s and on the East Coast. She has an old catalog on hand that she uses for inspiration when she needs to custom make items.

Agent Carter - Wardrobe - Gigi Melton holds idea board for Agent Carter

Many times they are required to have more than one costume for each character due to the stunt work on the show.  For example they will have one suit that doesn’t get damaged in a scene, then build two or three more suits for fight scenes and for the stunt doubles.  These extra suits are usually destroyed during filming.

Once Gigi receives the scrip on day 1 she needs to have all of the costumes done by day 8.  Then normal amount of costumes needed for each episode are 85. Gigi told us that for one scene her team needed to have 18 costumes completed for a stunt scene.

Agent Carter - Wardrobe - man's suit

Many of Agent Carter’s clothing will be repeated because many women in the 1940’s didn’t have a large wardrobe.
Agent Carter - Wardrobe - Peggy gold dress

Agent Carter’s signature red hat, shoes and suit from the first episode.

Agent Carter - Wardrobe - Peggy red hat & accessories

Agent Carter - Wardrobe - Gigi Melton holds red hat

Agent Carter - Wardrobe - Peggy navy suit

For more information about Marvel’s Agent Carter see my previous blog post “Agent Carter is Nobody’s Sidekick, She’s a Hero”

Agent Carter airs on Tuesdays at 9:00 pm (8:00 central) on ABC TV.

Follow Agent Carter on Facebook, Twitter (#AgentCarter) and Tumblr. Clips of Agent Carter are available on ABC.com.

Agent Carter Logo

Disney invited me to Los Angeles to attend a media event for Agent Carter. All expenses have been paid by Disney, but all opinions are always 100% my own.

All photos courtesy of Marvel.

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