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While in Los Angeles for the Moana press event our blogger group got the opportunity to tour the set of ABC TV’s hit comedy Dr. Ken and chat with the cast and tour the set.

About Dr. Ken


Now in it’s second season, ABC TV comedy Dr. Ken stars Ken Jeong who continues to be the hilarious general practitioner we all know and love. He has a smart and beautiful wife, two decent kids and a loyal but sometimes irritating support staff in a job where he gets to help people on a daily basis, all the while using his unique sense of humor to get him through the day.

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The Cast

Dr. Ken stars Ken Jeong

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Ken Jeong

Dana Lee as D.K., Suzy Nakamura as Allison, Ken Jeong as Dr. Ken, Albert Tsai as Dave, Krista Marie Yu as Molly

Dr. Ken - Set Visit - Family on Couch

Tisha Campbell Martin as Damona

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Tisha Knight Campbell

Jonathan Slavin as Clark

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Jonathan Slavin

Albert Tsai as Dave and Dana Lee as D.K.

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Albert Tsai and Dana Lee

Dave Foley as Pat

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Dave Foley

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Bloggers with Cast in Family Room

Set Visit


Dr. Ken Set Visit - Kitchen

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Kitchen Counter

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Kitchen Island

Living Room

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Living Room

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Desk

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Living Room - Front Door


Dr. Ken Set Visit - Dr. Ken's Office - Front Desk with Dr. Ken Sign

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Dr. Ken's Office - Work area Pit

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Dr. Ken's Office - Work area - side desk

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Dr. Ken's Office - Work area

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Dr. Ken's Office - Hallway

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Dr. Ken's Office - Front Desk

Interview with Dr. Ken Cast

The cast was hilarious together, and told jokes back and forth to each other. They were finishing up 3 days of rehearsal and then would be taping their Christmas episode in from of a live audience the following day.

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Cameras

Ken said that his real life wife is a physician and they worked together at Kaiser Permanente when Ken was a practicing physician.

The storylines are relevant to today’s healthcare situations, and are sensitive and accurate with their storylines.  For example there are not a lot of solo practitioners in California and many work at for HMO’s such as Welltopia (the HMO office on Dr. Ken)

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Cast Interviews with bloggers in audience

The cast talked about the Christmas episode they were going to be filming the following day. All of the characters will have storylines that will mix and match the characters with heartfelt moments. In one particular storyline they will tackle holiday depression or the “holiday blues.” For the storyline they used the real life experience of Ken Jeong’s with a patient where she was not just a Doctor to a patient, but also a friend. His wife  helped shape the storyline and dialog in the episode.

Dr. Ken Set Visit - Cast Interviews with bloggers in audience

Next Episode

Airing on Friday, December 2 (8:31-9:00 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network is “D.K.’s New Girlfriend” When D.K. overhears Allison complain about him overstaying his welcome, he decides to move in with his girlfriend of three weeks. Meanwhile, Pat wants Dave to pretend he’s his adopted son; and Allison is convinced Molly wants to talk about something when she suggests they do a spa day, but the tables turn when Molly is the one doling out the advice.

Disclaimer: Disney has invited 5 Minutes for Mom (and me) to Los Angeles to attend the set of Dr. Ken. All expenses have been paid by Disney, but all opinions are always 100% my own.

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