Don’t Forget Your Images

Did you know that you can add SEO to the images you use in your blog posts? One of the things that I always drag my feet and don’t want to do is to SEO my images because I would rather just do the blogging and hit the publish button. However, you can get even more traffic to your blog by taking a few extra moments adding the SEO information to your images. Google loves to grab all the data it can from your blog and this means the data from your images as well.

Here are some tips for adding SEO information to your images.

1. Image File Name

The name of your images are very important because you can use a descriptive filename that will get you better search engine results.  Instead of naming your image something like “Downloaded Image 568.jpg” make sure it is descriptive of the image.

Edit Media SEO Screen Shot

2. Alt Text

The Alternative Text contains information that conveys what the picture is about.  This is important because if for some reason the viewer can’t see you image the Alt Text information is displayed.  In some browsers this information also appears as the image is loading on the page and when the user hovers over the image.

3. SEO Plugin

This blog uses WordPress and the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.   This plugin is great and it will maintain the SEO data for the images.  Once you have uploaded the images for your post, go to the Media>Library section of your blog.  Once there you can add in the Focus Keyword, SEO Title and  Meta Description for your images.  These terms may sound familiar because this is the information normally filled out for blog posts, but you can also fill this information for images.

WordPress SEO By Yoast Image Screenshot

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