Does Your House Stink? Are you Sure? Maybe you are just #Noseblind

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I was so excited to learn that I would be hosting a movie night at my house with two of my daughter’s friends and their moms for a Febreze Noseblind test.  I honestly don’t think that my house is smelly so I was pretty sure that these moms wouldn’t detect any smelly odors during the test.  I don’t have any pets and my house is pretty darn clean.

The girls decided they wanted to watch the American Girl movie “McKenna Shoots for the Stars” and I ordered pizza.  After we finished eating pizza it was time to start the movie for the girls and make some popcorn.

For this Noseblind test there were three quick online survey’s that the moms and I had to take.  A survey when they arrived, one after the popcorn was popped and one after the movie.  We were not allowed to talk about our answers.

Movie Night Collage

After the movie finished we were to take an additional survey and then we could talk about our answers.  Surprisingly they said that my house smelled.  I was shocked because I didn’t smell anything funky.

They both told me that when they arrived at my house it smelled like Tuna.  Ok, fine they were right because I had forgotten that we had made Tuna Salad Sandwiches for lunch.  When we made the sandwiches I know that it smelled but I had the widows in the kitchen open so I assumed the smell had left the area.  However it looks like I had fallen into the trap of the Noseblind.  My nose had become accustomed to the odor of the Tuna.

What is Noseblind?

According to Febreze Noseblind is the gradual acclimation to the smells of one’s home, car, or belongings, in which the affected does not notice them (even though their guests do).

I wanted to see if the Febreze Air Effects would eliminate the Tuna odor.  I asked the moms to leave the room and had them wait a few minutes to come back in.

Febreze in action Air Effects - #Noseblind

Once they came back in the room they reported that they no longer smelled the Tuna but just a hint of the popcorn smell.  Neither one of them smelled the pizza we had for dinner.  I thought that it smelled great after I used the Air Effects but then again I hadn’t smelled the Tuna for a few hours.  The smell of the spray wasn’t over powering, it was a light and smelled clean.

Febreze contains a molecule known as Cyclodextrin that traps and eliminates the bad odors. Febreze’s patented technology eliminates odors and leaves behind a pleasant smell. To learn more about what Noseblind is visit and follow Febreze on Twitter and on Facebook.


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