Doc McStuffins Mobile Tour “Doc Mobile”


Doc McStuffinsAcclaimed Disney Junior Series “Doc McStuffins” inspires interactive health-focused “Doc Mobile” tour is on the road now!

The Doc Mobile, a 27-foot Airstream trailer custom-made to reach young kids (age 2-7) and families with fun and empowering experiences relating to health and nutrition started a multi-city tour  in Boston on August 18th.  Themed “So Much You Can Do…to Take Care of You!” the initiative is inspired by Disney Junior’s acclaimed “Doc McStuffins,” the animated series that models good health and compassion through stories of a young girl, a would-be doctor, who cares for her ailing stuffed animals and other toys. The Doc Mobile features an area for kids to perform a “check-up” on their own toys plus other activities and age-appropriate health and wellness lessons including nutrition and physical development and fitness. Doc will now appear at all events – note these are the only remaining tour dates.

  • Thursday, September 26 – Los Angeles, California at the The Grove –
  • Saturday, September 28 – Phoenix, Arizona 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the Arizona Coalition For Tomorrow Kids Health Fair – Salvation Army Community Center

Fans are invited to follow The Doc Mobile tour route on Disney Junior’s Facebook page and on Twitter at @DisneyJuniorUSA, #DocMobile. Scheduled tour dates are as follows (all events are scheduled from 10:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted); a full schedule will be posted at

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  1. Please let your readers know that the “select cities” at which Doc will appear are apparently NY, DC, San Antonio and LA. She was definitely NOT in Boston yesterday which pretty much made the event a bust. LONG lines, fee for admission to the zoo, no Doc. Disney blew this one. My family arrived 10 minutes after the event started and waited for 2+ hours to engage in activities my daughter (3 1/2) does pretty much every day at home. She wanted to know why doc wasn’t there and was told she was in her back yard taking care of her dolls and pets. Um, thanks. We didn’t pay to get in because we are members of the zoo, but I saw a post from a p-o’d dad who had paid $56 to get in. Disney is WAY too circumspect about the “select cities”. One would have thought that the only city in which people have to pay to see Doc would have been selected… We love Doc, but got totally “disneyed” by this event…

    • Hi Dan ~ thank you for your comment. I am sorry that Doc didn’t appear at the Boston event, I thought that would have been a great place for her to appear at as well. I am sorry that the event was so crowded and not what you had expected, I will pass your feedback along to my network of Disney bloggers.


  2. Ann Marie cappucci says:

    Anyone know if the doc mobile is coming to any where in florida

    • Hi Ann Marie ~ Thank you for your comment but at this time the schedule is set for the Doc Mobile Tour and ends in a few weeks with stops in LA and Phoenix. The tour has been such a great sucess so maybe in the future if Disney does the tour again they can swing the tour your way to Florida.

  3. I know it says that NY is one of the places Doc will be visiting but i cant find where and when she will be there. could someone let me know please.
    Thank you

    • Hi Heather ~ Thank you for your comment. The Doc Mobile tour is wrapping up in September with stops in LA and Phoenix. The Doc Mobile tour did appear in New York on August 21st at the Disney Store. I am sorry that you missed Doc in New York. The tour was a giant success and I am crossing my fingers that Disney does it again because the tour came nowhere near where I live and I’d love to meet Doc too.

  4. Please come to Houston. To be specific- the Disney Store in The Woodlands, TX mall would be a great stop! My daughter wants to see the Doc McStuffins Mobile so so bad!

    • Hi Angie ~ thank you for your comment my little one would love to see Doc McStuffins too. However the tour is wrapping up with the last two stops this week in LA and Phoenix. If the tour comes around again it would be great for her to show up at your Disney store in Houston.

  5. I went to the event yesterday in La at the grove. We arrived at 10am got a bracelet to enter at 3pm. WE waited at the grove because we live an hour away. When we got back to the mobile are at 2, we were told they were running 3 hours behind. My kids were tired, hungry, and hot we had to leave with three disappointed preschoolers I have never been so disappointed with anything Disney until yesterday, mostly because I felt so horrible to see my kids faces so disappointed and the staff would not even allow my kids to just take a picture by the mobile for a memory.

    • Chris, I am so sorry to hear about your experience at the Doc McStuffins tour yesterday. We have been hearing of long wait times at all of the tour stops because Doc is one popular gal. I will forward your concerns on to my contact at Disney Junior.

  6. Almost the exact same experience as Chris in the Phoenix event today. I have never seen my 4 year old so heartbroken as when we left. Now I’m reading that “Doc” wasn’t even in there. I can’t believe how many kids I saw with their toy, that I just wanted to stop everyone from even going in, because there was no chance of getting to see her.

    • Hi Roger – this is terrible news that I am hearing. I am really disappointed to hear that you had a less than magical experience. I will be passing your feedback along to Disney Junior in hopes that if hey do the tour again they can restructure the event differently so everyone can see Doc!

    • Roger – as a follow up to my previous comment. I can confirm that Doc was at the event today. I will still pass along your concerns.

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