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This blog post isn’t about the Disney Guides you find at the Disney parks, but rather about someone in your life who is your Disney guide.  Some of us are lucky to have one from the start of our life, others find them along the way.

As a young girl I grew up watching shows on TV like Wonderful World of Disney, Disney’s Wonderful World and Walt Disney.  I visited Disneyland at the age of four and was fully aware of what Disneyland was and knew all about the man that created magic, Walt Disney.

My dad was always telling me about Walt Disney and how Walt followed his dreams to bring Disneyland to life.  Every year when we visited Disneyland my dad would tell me facts about Disneyland or the fun trivia about the attractions.  I was always fascinated by all the things my dad knew about Disneyland.

His passion for Disney lead me to want to learn everything I could about it too. Together we became each other’s Disney guide.

A Disney guide will be with you for life, even in their death.  My dad passed away in April 2014 and I swear I can feel him with me now stronger than ever.  He always told me to wish upon stars and if “I could dream, it I could do it.” He was my biggest supporter in life and with my love of Disney.

Bill Winston 18 Years Old

Bill Winston – 18 Years old

The magic that I have experienced this year has been above and beyond what I could have ever imagined.  I know that because I believe in magic, because of what my dad taught me I know that my dreams will come true.  They may not come true right away, but someday they will.

I am a Disney guide for my daughters, and my 9 year old is just like me.  She reads books about Disneyland, Walt Disney and she loves Disney Trivia too. Like my dad taught me, I tell them to wish upon stars and dream big.

My dad is the star that I wish upon at night, he is my second star to the right.  I think of him every day, and I remember the magic we shared together.  It is this magic that gets me through the day and helps me when I am sad.

The song by Brian McKnight “Remember the Magic” is a song that I dedicate to my dad, our Disney memories are still with me today and they are magical.

Do you have that special person in your life who is your Disney guide? Thank them today for helping you see into a world full of magic.

“The secret of tomorrow is to live your dreams today, remember the magic.”

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