My Disney Potential

She had so much potential. That is what I feel people who knew me when I was younger must say about me  now.  When we are younger we all have potential to do great things.  It is only those with the courage to follow their dreams that actually end up making things happen.  Friends my age are Directors or higher in their fields and me, well I am a mom and an Administrative Assistant at a company.

Don’t feel sorry for me, I did it to myself.  I didn’t have the courage to follow my dreams, I let my dreams fall by the wayside.  In High School I didn’t have good SAT scores so I didn’t bother applying to any colleges, instead I opted to enroll in the local junior college and did some of my undergraduate work there.

Simba by Dawn CulloBut I was lost, I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I had talent in drawing and photography.  I enrolled in a drawing class and I got a “D”.  Yes, that is right I got a “D”.  Not for my skills but because I hardly showed up for class, I wanted to sleep instead of going to school and then I got kicked out of Junior College.  Who gets kicked out of Junior College?  That is terrible, I was so embarrassed.  I finally decided that it was time to get things back on track and I started to take school seriously.  I took some career exploration type of class and the test result said that I should be a florist or a funeral director.  Um, ok but I enroll in Art School instead.

I really wanted to work for Disney and go to Cal Arts in Los Angeles; it is basically where you go if you want to be a Disney Animator.  However, I chickened-out and instead enrolled in Academy of Art College in San Francisco because it was closer to my hometown of Sacramento.  It was a lot of fun, I loved all of my classes and I learned a lot. I went there for 2 1/2 years but I honestly could not afford to go to school and work.  It was really expensive and because I had to work, I never had enough time to complete my art labs and my homework. Eventually, I dropped out. Sigh.  There goes my potential down the drain.  All that talent and nothing to do with it.

During this time I ended up working for the Disney Store in San Francisco and I started as a part-time cast member and became the Assistant Store Manager.  It was the time of my life.   We went out and partied all the time after work; I was young and loved every minute of it.  I pretty much forgot about school and just worked and partied.  My twenties were pretty great, except for the not getting an education part.  Again, I got my rear in gear and decided that I wanted to get my degree in Business because I wanted to move to Glendale, CA and work for the Disney Store in their corporate office.  I took a few classes and did well but I never finished and I chickened-out and didn’t move to Glendale.  I was afraid that I would miss my family too much.  There goes more of my potential down the drain.

No degree, no real job, nada and I was quickly approaching my 30’s.

I got married and moved back to my hometown of Sacramento.  All I wanted to do was have babies and own a house.  After a few years I got those  and during this time I did go back to school and get my AA degree, at least it is something.  While my babies were little I wanted to stay home with them.  I created a great company called Sunrise Virtual Services where I helped small business owners market their business online.  I saw the boom of Social Media and I was right in the middle of it.  I had a good run for a few years but being a business owner is really hard.  My business was successful but I never saw my family very much because I was always working.  So I quit my business, closed the doors and went to work in an office where I work only a set number hours.  But doing what?  I am an assistant again with no job growth.  My potential just keeps slipping away and in a blink of an eye there went my 30’s

I want so much more out of life, but I feel like I have nothing to offer anymore.  No real skills beyond being super organized and detailed.  They don’t give Bachelors degrees in that.  This means that I have to go back to school, but when? How will I ever pay for it?  I think this is the point where I give up.  I give up on my dream of working for the Walt Disney Company.  I can see no way that this can happen.  I have kids in school, responsibilities and a family.  I can’t move away now and drag my family with me.  I had my chance to fulfill my potential and it is over.  I feel like a Disney Princess who has a dream, or one who wants adventure in the great wide open and wants to just be part of their world.  But my Disney dream isn’t going to come true, there really is just no time left.

I feel that I was supposed to be part of the Walt Disney Company and I messed it up. I have a really strong draw to the company.  I can’t really describe it; but I just have a feeling that if I had the courage to follow my dreams I would be working there now. But who really knows what our lives are supposed to be like because life is full of twists and turns.  This why Disney is so important to me, it is part of who I am.

What can I do now? Well I have this blog.  This blog concentrates on all things Disney.  I suppose it’s what helps my have Disney in my life on a daily basis.  I get to write about Disney related topics and share my opinions.  Over the past few months I have made some fabulous new friends by networking on Facebook and through this blog.

While I don’t have my dream corporate Disney job I want I do have my little piece of the internet. I also want to very badly be on the Disney Moms Panel in 2015.  I can give other people advice on visiting Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  I can be a part of the Walt Disney Company AND still have my life here in Sacramento.  That sounds like a win win win to me.

Maybe after all this is what I was supposed to do.

My advice to you is to follow your dream and do what you want in life.  You DON’T get a second chance, and in a blink of an eye you will be 40 and think wow, I had so much potential.  If you want to work for the Walt Disney Company you can visit their career page at or if you are in college check out the Disney College Program <—- I wish I would have done this!!!

About Dawn

Dawn is a social influencer and has been writing about her nerdy side since 2004. She enjoys writing about Entertainment, Travel, Disney, Star Wars and life with two little girls. Her advice is to keep on dreaming, do what you love and life will lead you a path to your happiness. Dawn also writes for 5 Minutes for Mom.


  1. Maureen Litz- Diehl-Brown says:

    Hi Dawn! My friend and I have decided to start a Blog, we currently have a facebook page, TwoMomsandaMouse. I was looking at different layouts and came upon yours(it’s my fav). I started reading My Disney Potential and felt like I was reading about myself in many respects. Wanting to start a Blog is also my “want” to be connected with Disney in some way. Your words were inspiring and comforting, thank you!

    • Hi Maureen – Thank you for finding and reading my blog post. I think it is great that you are thinking about getting into the blogging world. It has brought me a lot of much needed Disney therapy. 😉 My blog is a design that you can buy from Pretty Darn Cute designs – She makes great blog themes and I had a hard time choosing between this one and another one. Good luck and I hope to hear from you in the future.

      • Maureen Litz- Diehl-Brown says:

        Thank you so much for that link!! You have helped me to feel more excited and inspired! You will definitely hear from me in the near future :)) when we get our Blog up and running I hope you will stop by and say hi! :)) Thank you so much again!

        • You bet @maureenlitzdiehlbrown:disqus and if you have any questions during the set up process just let me know, I’d be happy to help.

          • Maureen Litz- Diehl-Brown says:

            you are very generous and kind! Thank you.. i believe the other Mom and I have chosen one(Modern).. I love love it! Am so excited to start.. a little nervous, lol because I have NO idea about creating a blog/page.. but my unknowing will not hold me back :))

  2. Becca_LoveOurDisney says:

    Thank you so much for opening up like that Dawn. It took a lot of courage I am sure.
    I have a lot of the same story so I can definitely feel where you are coming from. Thank you again for sharing.

    • @Becca_LoveOurDisney:disqus Thank you for your comment, it is nice how a lot of Disney bloggers seem to have the same story, that is why we all support each other.

  3. I also feel like I missed the boat. No going back though. Now I see Disney as my retirement career and every time I meet an elderly Cast Member I think that someday that is going to be me and I smile.

    • @MaryD73:disqus I really like your idea of working there as a retirement career. I’ve thought about that for a few days now and that has helped me a lot come to grips with not work there right now. =)

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