Why Disney Nerd Loves Jack Skellington So Much

When I hear a song it transports me back to a time in my life no matter if the memory is good or bad.  For example, I can’t listen to Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain or Whitesnake’s Still of the Night because I was involved in two separate car accidents when those songs were on.  Anyway, there are many good memories that I have with other songs and many involve Disney Movies.

Jack Skellington Whats ThisI love the song “What’s This?” from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.  It is a song about discovery and where that journey takes him.  It is one of my favorite movies as well.  I love Jack’s determination to figure out what Christmas is all about and how he can be a part of it.  Sally is also a favorite of mine as the love struck rag doll who will do anything she can to be a part of Jack’s world.  Lock, Shock and Barrel are naughty little guys and remind me of our mischievous side and Zero is a loyal pal to the very end. Ooogie Boogie is totally creepy but a necessary evil in the film.

I enjoy the story line as well because it is Jack’s determination to make Christmas fantastic and the townspeople’s use of teamwork to help Jack make it happen.  As moms, don’t we feel this way during the Holiday’s?  We want to make the Holiday Season perfect, or at least make sure everyone is happy.  Even if your efforts don’t always turn out as planned, at least you know that you gave it a good shot and your intentions were good.

Jack’s well planned out Christmas doesn’t go as he wanted but he and his friends find a way to make it right.  Jack learns to accept that his place is in Halloween Town.  While this lesson may be hard for some of us to understand in our own lives, it is part of our journey.  At some point we realize that we all have a place in this world and it may not be where we thought it was supposed to be.  That is a tough lesson for me, I feel like I am not at the right place in my life and I have missed out on working for Disney BUT I know that being a mom to my little girls is the most important job for me right now and I am not sure how I would have been their mom if I was working at Disney.

Another reason I like the movie is because it reminds me of a time in my life when I was much younger,  living on my own in San Francisco and my world was magical because I worked at The Disney Store.

When I worked at the Disney Store in San Francisco (1995-2000) there was a time where I was the Stock Captain.  We had a large 11,000 square foot store and the stock room was massive compared to most other Disney Stores.  We had a team of cast members who worked in the stock room at once and of course we loved to listen to Disney music.  We had one cast member who was a wiz at audio  / video stuff and he was able to record the audio of movies onto cassette tape, it was the late 90’s and cassette tapes still existed back then.  It was really awesome to listen to the entire movies during our shifts, it made the time go by even faster when unpacking a shipment.  One movie in particular that I loved to listen to was The Nightmare Before Christmas.

When I watch the movie or I hear a song from the movie I am transported back to that time in my life when I worked for The Disney Store.  I really loved going to work everyday, I was happy, I was surrounded by people and things that I loved.  Most importantly the guests were happy to be in the store and always had fun in our store because we had a large store and it was (at the time) a new design.  Even our children’s area was designed by Tim Burton, it was called Alice’s Garden.

Here are some photos from my time spent at The Disney Store Union Square 1995 – 2000.

Thankfully I am not the only person who likes Jack Skellington.  For some totally awesome reason there is a cult following for Jack and his friends.  They are so popular that Disneyland opened a shop in New Orleans Square with just Nightmare merchandise.  This is a dangerous place for me to be in because I want to buy it all.  On my most recent trip to Disneyland I picked up this super cute ring.  I get compliments on it all the time.


To say that I am thrilled that Jack and the Halloween Town’s folks have taken over the Haunted Mansion is an understatement.  I am so excited to be headed to Disneyland for Halloween Time, I will be posting a lot of pics on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so be sure to follow me there to see all the fun.

Lastly, if you have not yet discovered Nick Pitera then you need to check this out.  He is a very talented young man and in this clip he sings ALL of the parts to This is Halloweenhttp://youtu.be/A3pCklpnghE


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