Avoid Dead Phones at Disneyland

Disneyland Main Street LockersOn my most recent trip to Disneyland I had a problem that I’ve never had before, my phone needed to be charged a lot! Between using Apps to check ride wait times, taking some pictures and texting I wore down my phone battery quickly. There is some good news for those of you who find that your phones need a little juice. Disneyland is now offering Charging Lockers. These lockers can be found at the Lockers at Disneyland Main Street Lockers. For $2 per hour you can charge your Apple, BlackBerry or Android device and the cords are included in the locker.  Should you wish to charge your camera or laptop then you need to bring your own cord and rent a locker with a standard outlet. Check here on Yelp for some images of the Disneyland Charging Lockers.

You can also charge your phone for free BUT there are some strings attached.  First, you need find an available outlet. Then you need to hang out with your device at the outlet.  At least with the charging lockers you can leave your device in the locker for a bit while you rid a few rides.  The outlets are hard to come by because it seemed that everyone else had the same idea. I even saw two girls hunkered down near Main Street outside of a store charging their phone.

Where can you find these outlets? The best place is in the bathrooms! I did see some outlets near the queue line at Space Mountain but I tried them and they were turned off. But the ones in the bathrooms seemed to all be active. There were a few restaurants (like Rocket Reds Pizza Port) where you could find an active outlet near a table.

One of the things I suggest buying and packing in your backpack is a dual charging cord so that you can charge two phones at once from 1 outlet like this one http://www.amazon.com/iPhone-Splitter-Cable-Charge-Devices/dp/B003Z5CX3E and don’t forget the wall outlet adapter.

You can also consider buying a charging battery case.  Check out PC Mag’s review of them here – http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2371912,00.asp

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  1. Andrew Hall says:

    I went yesterday to the 24 Hr 60th Diamond Celebration Kick-off. I used the charging locker on Main St. but I chose the one with the power outlet. I was worried that I wouldn’t have the right iPhone adapter and pay two dollars if I chose the iPhone one. Do you know if the iPhone adapters at the charging lockers on Main St. and at DCA use the lightning connector or the old 30 pin connector for the iPhone?

  2. Andrew – I am not sure. But I am assuming they would have both since folks have iPhone 4’s, 5’s and iPhone 6’s. I’ll research it and get back to you.


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