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ApplicaitonHave you rented an apartment or house lately? Did you apply for a new job?  Think about how many applications have you filled out over the last year that included your Social Security Number on them?
How many documents have your information on them right now and are floating around in various offices or sitting in a stack of papers on someone’s desk?
When my husband and I were looking for a rental property last year we must have filled out at least five applications for various properties. This means that our information is floating around in some office or in some landlords filing cabinet.  How secure do you think that information is? Anyone could swipe the applications and steal our identities just like that.

How Can You Protect Your Identity?

Looking for a new job or new place to live is  unavoidable at some point in our lives.  The moment we write or type or social security number on an application we put our identity at risk.


Some people might think that signing up for a credit monitoring service is a good way to be proactive about identity theft protection, but it is not.  When will you be alerted that someone is attempting to open a new credit card using your social security number?  Most times this isn’t noticed until after the application is completed and purchases are made.  Restoring your credit can be a long and tedious process.


LifeLock offers a suite of products that not only monitor your credit but in some cases can alert you before fraud even takes place.

LifeLock Takes Action Aganist Identity Theft - #LifeLockSafety


LifeLock Has a Plan Just For You

See how LifeLock can project not only you but your family as well.
LifeLock Standard provides services such as lost wallet protection, Identity Threat Detection and Alerts, Address Change Verification and Black Market Website Surveillance.
LifeLock Ultimate kicks things up a notch and includes all of the services in the LifeLock Standard plan but also includes Checking and Savings Account Application Alerts, Enhanced Credit Application Alerts, Online Annual Credit Reports and Scores and more.
LifeLock Junior is an add-on service for your children.  With this plan you will have the peace of mind knowing your children’s identity is safe and secure.  The plan includes Identity Threat Detection and Alerts, Credit File Verification, Black Market Website Surveillance, File-Sharing Network Searches
LifeLock Suite of Services - #LifeLockSafety

LifeLock has a 5 Point of Protection philosophy to:

LifeLock 5 Points of Protection - #LifeLocksafety

Monitor Your Identity

Scan for Identity Threats

Respond to Identity Threats

Guarantee of Services

Tracking Your Credit Score


The good news is that because you are a loyal reader of my blog I have a code you can use to get 10% off your LifeLock services.  Just use the promo code “LifeLockSafety” when you check out.

Visit the LifeLock Site today for more information and to sign up.



Disclosure:I was asked to provide a story about identify theft and how LifeLock can help protect your families identity in exchange for a LifeLock service. All opinions, experiences and thoughts are my own.

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