Climbing Up a New Ladder

When I was pregnant in 2005 with our first daughter I had no intention of returning to my full-time job after her birth.  I begged my husband to find a job that paid him a lot of money so that I didn’t have to go back to work; even if it was a job he didn’t like.  Later in life I would find out what a terrible mistake this was to ask someone to do, more on that later.

Dawn_Lily 2005

Dawn and Lily 2005

I was distraught at the thought of putting my baby in day care and I vowed to find a way for me to stay home, be a mom and work.  Soon after her birth I was able to find a job as a Virtual Assistant working from home with small business owners.


I ended up establishing my own Virtual Assisting firm called Sunrise Virtual Services and was able to work from home for six years.  Now, during this time I wasn’t swimming in piles of money.  There were many business expenses and kid related expenses that all of my money went towards.  Then in 2008 all things went crazy, the market crashed, the new home we just bought was worthless and my husband was lucky to even have a job. Eventually we had another baby and things became really tight.

Abby & Lily

Lily and Abby 2010

I knew that something had to change and I needed a steady job.  You see, working from home may have its perks such as working in yoga pants and slippers but it can be a fickle industry.  Not only are you doing the work, but most times you are managing the team, doing the bookkeeping and bringing in new clients. My firm was never large enough for me to outsource these tasks so I did them all and after a while I was totally burnt out.

This brings me to what I’ve been doing for the past few years.  

I have been writing on my own blog here about my passion for Disney and other nerdy things but also weaving in sponsored posts so I can make some money to cover business and some household expenses.  I decided to get a job in an office part-time so that I had a steady income and be able to still blog.

At first I was excited to be back in the traditional workforce and I really gave it my all.  I was still able to do my blog at night so that made me happy.

sunset at work

Sunset at Work

I did what they asked me to do and came up with more ideas to help out in the department. However, my efforts fell on deaf ears. Within a few months I realized that while I was making more money than I should for the job that I was in, I was not in the right place professionally.

I was not appreciated for my efforts, my talents were not being utilized to their maximum capacity and I was bitter.  I started to look for a new job but the job market was hard, really hard for someone with only an A.A. degree and not a ton of ‘real experience’ for the jobs that would pay me more than $10 per hour.

I was making full-time money but only working only part-time, it was a pretty good gig. I am glad my husband never took a job he didn’t like making gobs of money because I know how horrible it feels to work at a job you don’t like just for the money.

At my cube

At my cube

Everyday that I went to work I was sad, bitter and hated being there.  I was sick a lot and cried almost everyday when I left.  Not because I was sad but because I was happy to be leaving for the day.  I was also not an employee of the company and that is something that I never thought would affect me so much.  I was never allowed to attend company wide meetings, staff appreciation meetings and not able to get bonus money or paid holidays.  After almost three years being excluded from these things it really starts to wear down on you.  You feel isolated in a company with over 700 people in it.  There was also no place to grow at the company and I wasn’t getting any younger so I knew that I had to make a change. I needed a REAL job. 😉

That is where my new job comes in, the one I get to start next week.  It still doesn’t feel real, it is like I won the lottery.  The job is everything I have always wanted and dreamed about.  Walt Disney’s quote is true – “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

There were many times that I wished for a job like the one I will be doing.  I even wrote down on a piece of paper what my ideal job would be and I got it. No joke. I wrote it down almost two years ago and even though it didn’t happen right away, it still eventually happened.  This was the fourth job that I applied for with this company and each time I felt like I was qualified for the job I applied for.  However, I feel that the universe was just waiting for the right job to open up for me and finally it did.

If you can dream it, you can do it

Walt Disney’s Quote

I will be working full-time and still writing on my blog plus a few others.  I am not 100% sure how I am going to juggle it all, but I have a feeling I will make it work. I am a creative person and folks like us tend to be busy bodies and enjoy a full plate of projects.  I can never sit idle for long at home and I am always working on something.  I plan on being at this new company for many years and climb my way up the ladder to the top, no joke – that is my goal.  I want to be the president of the company so check back in 12 years and see if I have accomplished my goal. ;0)

The lesson that I have learned is that no matter how much money you are making; if the job you are doing isn’t something you are passionate about you will not be fulfilled.  My new job allows me to give back to a place that once helped me out a lot and make a difference in others lives.  I know that my bitterness I felt at my previous job was because I was unfulfilled and not able to make a difference.

Work no more


The best feeling ever is being able to tell you boss at a job you don’t like that you have gotten a new job.  Hands down best day at my previous job ever!

Want to know what I will be doing?

I will be working at St. Francis High School (an all girls Catholic High School) in the Advancement Department doing Database Management and eventually working with the Alumnae.  I will be able to be part of a community of people who are caring, give back to their community as well as the school they work for.  It will be a job that will fill my heart with joy. I will be able to work in a department that helps parents bridge the gap financially to help them send their daughters to a wonderful school that prepares them to take over the world. 😉

St. Francis High School gave me the tools I needed to be able to be a confident woman and have a better head on my shoulders when I entered the real world after graduation.  I can’t wait to get started on the next chapter of my life – just like this 18 year old me pictured below on graduation day with my friends.

Graduation91 copy

St. Francis High School Graduation with my buddies


About Dawn

Dawn is a social influencer and has been writing about her nerdy side since 2004. She enjoys writing about Entertainment, Travel, Disney, Star Wars and life with two little girls. Her advice is to keep on dreaming, do what you love and life will lead you a path to your happiness. Dawn also writes for 5 Minutes for Mom.


  1. Great post, Dawn! Way to jump on the chance to do something that is more meaningful than just a paycheck! I wish you ever success and know that you are going to knock their socks off — that’s just who you are! 🙂

  2. Rereading this post and I am so proud of you my friend! What an amazing feeling and I am so excited to watch you on your adventures in life. Hope we can connect soon! xo

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