Century Arden Theaters are Back in Sacramento

The Century Theaters located on Ethan Way were fondly know as the “dome” theaters. They opened in Sacramento, Ca in 1967. Many generations of kids saw their first movie there, others remember standing in line for hours for Star Wars in 1977.

Ad from the Sacramento Bee for the Grand Opening of Century 22 on June 19, 1968. Photo is Public Domain http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/6574/photos/123232

Ad from the Sacramento Bee for the Grand Opening of Century 22 on June 19, 1968.

When I started to write this post it didn’t occur to me how much the Century Theaters were part of growing up in Sacramento. I remember having my first kiss there in Jr. High, and in 1990 I had a first date to see Die Hard 2: Die Harder  😉  with my now husband. For many years after we stood in line to see a Star Trek, Batman and other countless movies.

The last movie that I saw there was Star Wars: The Force Awakens last December and the first movie I’ll see there will be Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on December 16th.

Century Arden - 2016 - Star Wars The Force Awakens Screening with Gayle Feldman and Stefani Tolson (photo credit Stefani Tolson)

Century Arden – 2016 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Screening with Gayle Feldman and Stefani Tolson (photo credit Stefani Tolson)

Bye Bye Domes, Hello State-of-theArt

These are domes that Sacramento residents remember seeing their movies at.

Century Dome Theater Sacramento (Photo Credit Kevin Tredway)

Century Dome Theater Sacramento (Photo Credit Kevin Tredway)

All of the domes have been demolished and replaced with a state-of-the-art theater, which opens on December 1, 2016.

Cinemark Arden

Century 14 Arden - Exterior at Night


Love the artwork in the hallway. It features a hero and their villain on the other side of the wall.

Century 14 Arden - Interior - Decor - Hallway

Century 14 Arden - Interior - Decor - Darth Vader

Century 14 Arden - Interior - Decor - Luke Skywalker

XD Auditorium
The Cinemark XD entertainment environment features the largest wall-to-wall screen in the theater, custom calibrated and designed sound system, and the brightest visual display. The Cinemark XD auditorium features the latest movie each week in crisp 2D and 3D options.

Century 14 Arden - VIP Event - Cinemark XD Theater

Luxury Loungers
Cinemark Luxury Loungers are plush, over-sized recliners with cup holders and footrests. All 14 auditoriums feature Luxury Lounger these recliners.

Century 14 Arden - Theater - Cinemark Luxury Loungers -Watching a Movie

There is also plenty of room in the isle for people to walk past even when the recliners are being used.

Century 14 Arden - Theater - Cinemark Luxury Loungers - Cullo Family Feet Selfie

Cullo Family Shoe Selfie

14 Auditoriums with Wall-to-Wall Screens, RealD 3D capabilitiy and digital projection
Every auditorium at Century Arden 14 and XD features a wall-to-wall immersive screen with the brightest digital projection systems.

Self-Serve Concession Stand
Popcorn, soft drinks, candy & more! All the options are at your fingertips with the self-service concession stand and a Butter Flavoring station.


Century 14 Arden - VIP Event - Butter Flavoring Station

Due to the massive amounts of popcorn she didn’t want to leave.
Century 14 Arden - VIP Event - Abby with Popcorn

Beer and Wine are also available!! What? Yes it’s true.

Century 14 Arden - Beer and Wine

Reserved Seating, Online & Kiosk Ticketing
Stroll in a few minutes before your movie without stressing about getting a good seat. You can reserve your seat in advance on cinemark.com or in the Cinemark app. The entire theater features reserved seating to guarantee that your preferred and selected seats are available no matter what time you arrive for your movie.


Century 14 Arden - Theater - Cinemark Luxury Loungers -Feet up and relaxing

For more information about the Century 14 Theaters visit Cinemark.com

VIP Reception

My family and I attended the VIP reception and were in awe at how awesome the theater is.
Century 14 - Red Carpet

Century 14 - Red Carpet - Abby

We enjoyed free popcorn and soda at the event. All of the theaters were open so we could peek in and ‘test drive’ the seats, movies were also shown in all of the theaters.
The lobby features fun couches and seating with tables so you can chill out before or after your movie.
Century 14 Arden - Lobby Seating
The lobby is bright and inviting too. The concession stands are large and there are many options available including beer and wine! I think I mentioned that already, but it’s important.
Century 14 Arden - Lobby with Balloon Arch
Century 14 Arden - Lobby with Balloons
There were some shady characters there, but we took pictures with them anyway. 😉
We love the 501st Central California Garrison.
501st with Lily, Abby and Dylan.jpg
Century 14 Arden - 501st with Lily and Abby
Century 14 Arden - Kylo Ren and Stormtrooper
You can check out more social media photos from the event on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #CenturyArden.
I hope you will check out the new Century 14 Arden theaters soon, you will feel spoiled at this theater.
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