Bouqs are Beautiful, but are they Worth It?

Bouqs are Beautiful but are they Worth It- #BouqLove
I have seen a few people post on line about these amazing eco friendly and beautiful flowers from Bouqs that are grown near a volcano. Sounds wacky and amazing at the same time so I wanted to give them a try.

Bouqs - Dawn Roses
As you know, beautiful & eco friendly can’t be cheep so I was surprised to hear they cost as low $40 for a dozen roses…..and that’s it.  Shipping is included and no hidden fees.  For most orders you can double the amount of flowers for an additional $10.

Simple Ordering

Bouqs makes ordering simple and there are no additional gimmicks when you place your order.  They don’t try to up sell you on a box a candy or a stuffed animal.  They are only selling flowers and they do a great job at it.  Once you place an order your recipients information is kept in your address book so you can send them another Bouq in the future.

They do more than Roses too.  You can order Orchids, Lilies, Carnations and many more.
Bouqs Variety

Concierge Service 

Bouqs also offers a Concierge service that when set up will automatic deliver flowers when you want. Choose to send flowers once a month to your loved one or arrange to send flowers on special occasions.  Bouqs helps you create the perfect collection of blooms to send. You can learn more about their Concierge service here.


My mom has been watching both of my girls this summer so that I can work without having to put them in over priced summer camps and I wanted to send her a little something to show my appreciation.   I thought it would be nice to send her a Bouq and the hardest part was picking which one to send her.

I decided to send her something with colorful Roses and I selected the Confetti Bouqs. Once she received them she called me and said they were so beautiful and colorful.

Confetti Bouqs Photo

I arrived later that day to pick up my girls from her house so I was able to see the Roses shortly after arrival. It was a very hot day in Northern California, close to 100 degrees. As you can see from this picture the leaves are a little wilted from their journey but other than that the blooms were beautiful.

Wilted Leaves - Bouqs

Confetti Bouqs - #BOUQLOVE

Confetti Bouqs - Orange Bloom - #BOUQLOVE

Confetti Bouqs - Roses

Confetti Bouqs - Yellow Bloom - #BOUQLOVE

The answer is “yes”, Bouqs are beautiful and they are worth it. Send an order to a loved one today and brighten someone’s day.

Why send some boring bouquet when you can send a Bouq!


Disclaimer: I was given credit by Bouqs to order flowers but all opinions are my own.

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