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Have you heard of the Kingdom Keepers? I hadn’t heard about the book series until a few years ago even though the first book was published in 2009. My daughter and I saw a quick video about the books on the Disney Channel and we knew that it was something we had to check out.

I searched on YouTube and I am pretty sure this is the Disney 365 spot that we saw in 2011. Hayley Kiyoko from Lemonade Mouth is in the clip and my daughter was obsessed with Lemonaded Mouth so I am guessing that is what drew us to watch the spot.

About the Book Series

Photo from Disney 365

Photo from Disney 365

The book are written by Ridley Pearson ( and the story centers around five teens who get the gig of a lifetime as holographic park β€œguides” at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. However, they soon find out that their role is a lot more than they thought it would be.  They end up in the park as half holograms and half human after the park closes and find themselves battling against Disney villains who want to take over the Magic Kingdom.

This is a video from a few years ago with Ridley Pearson explaining about the books.

Kingdom Keepers - The Insider

The Insider – The seventh and final book in the series. Photo courtesy of the Kingdom Keepers

There are seven books in the series and each one takes the teens on a journey into a different Walt Disney World theme park and the Disney Cruise Line. The final book in the series was released in April 2014 and partly written by the Kingdom Keeper fans; it takes place in Disneyland.

In this video Ridley talks about the release of the sixth book and shows how fans were able to help write the now released seventh book.

Why I Like the Books

When I discovered the books my daughter was almost six years old and not able to read the books by herself. I feel the books can be read independently by about age ten but it all depends upon your child’s reading level. I started to read the books to my daughter and really enjoyed sharing in the Kingdom Keepers experience with her.

The first book takes about 40 pages before you really get into the action, but stick with it and you will end of loving the series as well. My favorite villain is Maleficent and she plays a major role in the series so this has been fun for me to read.

The books can be a little confusing if you have not been to Walt Disney World before as it is hard to imagine where some of the events are taking place. To help out with that we took out our Birnbaums Walt Disney World guide book. We kept it near the Kingdom Keepers book and looked at park maps as needed; it helped my daughter understand the logistics of the the storylines lines.

The Seventh and Final Book

In this video Ridley Pearson talks about his seventh and final book in the series. He also takes us on a tour of Disneyland and the special places that appear in the book. Ridley also explains how the book was written in part by his fans.

What’s Next for the Kingdom Keepers

According to author Ridley Pearson the Kingdom Keepers are on to another adventure to Imagineering school and a whole new series (yay). I personally hope that there is a Kingdom Keepers movie or TV Series in the future, that would be a lot of fun to watch.

Want to Buy the Books?

The book are available anywhere books or ebooks are sold… anyplace!! You can learn more about the Kingdom Keepers here –

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  1. We started listening to these books on road trips (usually to Disney) and love them. It is fun to think about all the things that could be happening in the parks when we are not there.
    Who is your favorite character in the books?

  2. I saw these books at Downtown Disney last year and was intrigued! You’ve definitely tipped me over the fence and I want to give them a go! Off to Amazon I go! πŸ˜› Have you finished all the books yet? πŸ™‚ x

    • We are still on book 4, we mainly read them through the summer months or on Spring break. I like that we are not done yet so we always have another one to read.

  3. Nancy Monica says:

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these books !
    The best part is being able to identify with the kids as they are in the Parks ! Recognizing attractions and activities that really happen in WDW makes the leap into the books so much easier and more enthralling !!! I can’t wait for the next series !!

  4. I agree Nancy ~ It is really fun to imagine where they are in the parks. I can’t wait for the next series too – so glad it didn’t just end with the seventh book.

  5. I need to get back into the series, I have read some of them but fell out of touch with them. Dawn, what is your favorite book in the series?

    • We are only on book four right now, so I think the first one is my favorite just because it kicks off the whole series. I am sure though once I read the seventh book that will be my favorite because it takes place at Disneyland and I kind of love that place.

  6. I remember seeing these in the gifts shops when they first came out. Now that my daughter is older, it may be a book series we could read to her at night. The teacher in me wants to know if you know the reading level of the books. I have some Disney loving students who would love these.

    • Lisa I am not sure of the reading level and I know that all kiddos have different reading skills. In general I would say it is for 5th Grade and up to read independently. My daughter is currently in third grade she likes to re-read them after I read her a few chapters.

  7. I absolutely love these books. I just finished the last one – I can’t wait for you to catch up so we can discuss them. They are perfect for kids of any age and adult Disney fans like us! Do you think they’ll ever translate any of the stories into an attraction or maybe even a movie? I hope so!

    • I would really like for them to create a Disney Channel series, I think it would be a lot of fun and they would have adults watching the show too.

  8. What a wonderful and complete review Dawn! I agree that the books can be a bit slow to start; how wise that you keep your Birnbaums handy for reference. I am always enthralled when folks take their Disney passions to a new level. When is your book coming out Dawn?! πŸ˜€

    • Oh you know me so well already – I have at least three ideas for Disney related books swirling in my mind at all times!!!

  9. This is a series that I look at constantly but never break down and purchase! The stories seem interesting, but there is always something more pressing I need to read or work on. One of these days I’m going to break down and buy them!

  10. I love the Kingdom Keepers books. I’m in the middle of book 5 now. Which Keeper character is your favorite?

  11. I have always wanted to read this series. I am just waiting for the boys to be a bit older so we can experience them all together..

  12. I haven’t read them and I think my olderst is still too young – 4… maybe we will try them together in the next couple of years!

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