A Missed Opportunity for Diamonds

I was on the fence, and I am not going to lie that I was checking airfares just a few days before the 24 hour event at Disneyland.  Just seven weeks ago I was in Orlando for the Monkey Kingdom media event and two weeks ago I was in Orlando for Disney Social Media Moms.  All in all the Disney Gods have been nice to me lately.

But now, I was faced with the travel bug again.  I wanted to be at Disneyland on May 22nd for the Diamond Anniversary kick off and 24-hour event. Although, this was all very poor planning on my part.  Should I have said “no” to one of the opportunities above so that I could have the funds to attend the 24-hour event at Disneyland?

This is when a crystal ball comes in handy.

It was like the perfect storm, all of the magic was taking place on one day and I wanted to be there.

Disneyland Diamond Anniversary

But this time, instead of jumping in with both feet and saying “Yes,” I said “Maybe.”  And this didn’t sit well with the Disney Nerd inside of me.

I made a Pro’s & Con’s list for going to Disneyland and it went something like this:


  • Be there for the kick off of the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland
  • See the new Paint the Night parade
  • See the new Disneyland Forever fireworks
  • Buy the new Alex & Ani 60th Anniversary bracelet
  • Buy new 60th Anniversary swag
  • Spend an entire 24 hours at Disneyland with other crazy Disney people


  • Take a day off of work, likely without pay since I’m out of vacation time
  • Travel cost – the plane ticket, even on Southwest was over $400
  • Time away from the family, at the park without them….again
  • It will be crowded
  • I will get tired
  • I will get cranky 😉

In the end I decided not to go.

As Friday, May 22nd rolled around I began seeing all over social media how awesome it was to be at Disneyland because the crowds were low and attraction wait time was minimal.

I watched the live streams of the parks on the computer and as the day went on I saw no crowds, just people having a great time.

24 Hour Event Live Cam 522

Main Street, U.S.A

Main Street, U.S.A – around 11 am

Cars Land 522

Cars Land – around 9:00 am

I saw my friends on social media having a blast, eating at Club 33, buying Alex and Ani bracelets and having fun on the attractions and I cried.  Ok, confession time there may have been a little bit of PMS involved with the tears but I was still sad.  I felt that I had made the wrong decision and now I regretted it.

Then I thought to make a list of people who aren’t there, that will make me feel better.  I started with Beyonce, Madonna, and it quickly grew to all of the people I saw on Insta that weren’t posting from Disneyland. It made me feel a tiny it better. 😉

I felt like I was going to throw a fit like a toddler. I would’t get to see the new parade, I wouldn’t get to see the new fireworks and I wouldn’t come home with a suitcase full of new treasures.

But then it hit me, that’s right I wouldn’t get to do any of those things but my friends would get the chance. I was happy for them, even when I saw all of the fun they were having.  I squelched that little green jealous monster that was just waiting to come out and I blew it up into Pixie Dust.

I spent the evening with my family watching the parade and fireworks on the live stream, chatted with my friends in the park and ended up being genuinely happy for them.  I was happy to see their smiling and eventually tired faces on social media.

My family and I went to our local cupcake shop, bought some treats and settled in to watch the parades and fireworks on both coasts on the live stream.

Watching Wishes from Walt Disney World Live Feed 522Watching Wishes from Walt Disney World Live Feed 522

Wishes – from Walt Disney World

Even though the feed was blurry we still said “ooh and ahh” to the new Paint the Night parade and fireworks…and then went to YouTube to watch better quality videos.

Fantastic videos from Inside the Magic Paint the Night parade – https://youtu.be/mDGDTpAipzw & Disneyland Forever Fireworks – https://youtu.be/rmkZ-JENQzU

Paint the Night Parade - Live Feed 522

Paint the Night Parade – Live Feed

Disneyland Forever Fireworks Live Feed -522

Disneyland Forever Fireworks Live Feed

It was like I went through a Disney withdrawal program.  I went from sadness, to regret, to a temper tantrum and then finally back to happy.

Well, now it’s time to plan my next trip to Disneyland 😉 Will I see you there on July 17th? I hope so.

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